13 Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself Again! 

self-love does not mean how you treat yourself with respect and kindness, but your thoughts and feelings about yourself too. Self-love allows you to become your true self,

Know Yourself 

The first step is to always find the person you are. You should go out into the world and experiment with many things. Only by doing can you know what kind of person you are. 


Practice Self-Care 

You need to practice self-care so that you don't burn yourself out.  Your health is just as important as your life. Sometimes you need time to rest and reset everything so that you can prioritize.


Don't Compare

One of the things most people pay too much attention to is others. Are they better or worse, more or less than you? Don't waste your time making yourself unhappy with the thoughts you create


Be Honest with Yourself 

Honesty is a key in all relationships – with yourself and others. If you lie and make excuses for yourself, you can't love your messy self.


Practice Gratitude

The simplest way to focus on the good things in your life is by practicing gratitude. If you practice gratitude every day, you will shift from a negative to a positive mindset.


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