10 Life-Changing Experiences That Build Inner Resilience. here are ten experiences people shared that have hardened them as a person. 

Life is full of ups and downs, and these 10 experiences shared by real people have the power to build inner strength and resilience.

Working as an EMT

Witnessing trauma, death, and injury takes a toll on one's mental health. It builds resilience and coping mechanisms.


Witnessing an Accident

Delivering first aid to a crushed child can be traumatic. It can change one's perspective on life and death.


Parental Neglect


Growing up with emotionally or physically absent parents can have a profound impact. It can cause feelings of abandonment and affect relationships.

Partner’s Suicide


Losing someone you love to suicide is one of the most painful experiences. It can lead to feelings of guilt and questions of "what if".

Growing up with abusive parents can leave deep emotional scars and trauma. It can affect self-esteem and lead to patterns of unhealthy relationships.


Abusive Parents

Incarceration can be a life-changing experience that hardens the soul. It can lead to personal growth and a newfound appreciation for freedom.



Discovering your partner's infidelity can be devastating. It can lead to betrayal trauma and difficulty trusting others.


Unfaithful Partner

Breaking the chains of abuse can be empowering yet tough. It takes courage and a support system to leave.


Leaving an Abusive Relationship

The pain of the past can linger for years and affect relationships. It can lead to PTSD and difficulty trusting others.


Child Sexual Abuse

Losing a parent is never easy and can change the course of one's life. It can lead to feelings of grief and a newfound appreciation for life.


Parent’s Death

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