Trying to Save Money? Never Buy These 16 Items Brand New

Have you ever wondered how you can maximize your savings without sacrificing quality? While there are many items that you should definitely opt for a brand new version of, many everyday products can be preowned and still provide you with the same value. The following are sixteen items that you should never buy new if you want to save money.

1. Books 

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If you're an avid reader, you know how quickly the cost of books can skyrocket. With so many new titles coming out every month, it's challenging to keep up with a regular reading schedule that won't put a massive dent in your finances. Thrift stores, garage sales, and several online marketplaces have an endless supply of books available for you to enjoy at a fraction of the original cost.

2. Exercise Equipment

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If you've ever purchased exercise equipment, you know how expensive it can be. However, people are constantly selling their barely used exercise equipment at a much lower cost on online marketplaces. So, before opting for a brand new treadmill, look online for a deal on some used equipment.

3. Fine Jewelry 

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When people think of fine jewelry, they often think of brand-new sparkling items that come out of crisp jewelers' boxes. However, you can enjoy massive savings by buying jewelry from estate sales, pawn shops, and online auctions without the retail markup. Just be sure to verify these pieces' authenticity before committing to anything.

4. Musical Instruments 

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Playing a musical instrument is a costly hobby. Luckily, used instruments often sell for much less than a brand-new item. Local music shops, online forums, and classified ads frequently feature used musical instruments available for sale.

5. Vehicles 

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Vehicles are one of the biggest expenses in each person's life. However, no matter how expensive your car is, it immediately depreciates when you drive off the retailer's lot. If you hope to save money when purchasing a vehicle, opt for a used car and get a trusted mechanic to inspect your potential purchase. Used vehicles can last for several years and save you thousands of dollars.

6. Glassware 

While it might be easy to go to your local department store and pick up a box of brand-new glasses, there are so many preloved pieces available for sale. Thrift stores and estate sales often offer several unique and high-quality pieces of glassware that would make an excellent addition to your kitchen. Often, these older pieces are much more durable than their modern equivalents and have a unique charm.

7. Board Games

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If you love board games, you know some can be pretty pricey. While many people are excited about opening a brand new board game to play with friends and family, used board games are just as good as the new ones. As long as all of the game pieces are included in the box, you can still have hours and hours of fun without spending the full price.

8. Furniture 

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Furniture is a big-ticket home decor item. When moving into a new home or doing renovations, purchasing furniture can create a huge dent in your wallet. However, second-hand furniture stores, estate sales, and online marketplaces have several high-quality preloved furniture items available. With just some cleaning and DIY, you can restore a piece of used furniture to its original glory without having to spend a fortune.

9. Bikes

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Whether you're an adult or a child, bikes are an excellent source of fun and exercise. Although there's something exciting about a brand-new bike, a well-maintained used bike can serve you just as well as a new one and can often come at half the price. If you're in the market for a bike, keep your eye out for any listings for used bikes or find out from your local shop if any used options are available.

10. Tools 

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Did you know that older tools are often much more durable than modern ones? While receiving or purchasing a brand-new set of tools is always exciting, used tools are usually just as effective as new ones. Estate sales, garage sales, and pawn shops are all excellent places where used tools are often available at a low cost.

11. Textbooks 

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No one should ever pay full price for a textbook; any book you need has already been used by a student before you. Textbooks are notorious for their outrageously high price tag. However, many online stores, local bookshops, and students have used books available for sale at a fraction of the original cost.

12. Wedding Accessories 

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The wedding industry is incredibly expensive, so finding ways to reduce your cost is essential. Wedding accessories are one of the items that can easily be purchased preloved. Used veils, shoes, accessories, and dresses can be purchased in pristine condition from online marketplaces and consignment shops.

13. Holiday Items

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The holidays are very expensive. With decorations, costumes, and party supplies, the cost really adds up. However, you should never spend money on brand-new holiday items. Many thrift stores and online marketplaces have several gently used holiday items for sale that are perfect for your home and your budget.

14. Houses 

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A home is the biggest expense you will spend money on. While houses aren't necessarily considered used, a pre-owned home costs much less than building a new one. Many older homes have a character and style that's long gone out of style and can't be found elsewhere. You can turn any house into your dream home after a proper inspection and renovations.

15. Designer Clothes 

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There is just something glamorous about wearing a designer piece. However, there's no reason to pay the full retail price to wear a designer brand. Many consignment shops, online retail sites, and thrift stores offer high-end clothing at a much lower cost. You can often find unique, vintage pieces that suit your personal style without breaking the bank. 

16. Vinyl Records

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Vinyl records have made a huge comeback in recent years but are very expensive if you buy them new. However, there are many used record stores, flea markets, and online marketplaces that offer excellent quality vinyl records at an affordable price.


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