What’s on the Wishlist if You Suddenly Had $10,000?

If you were given a windfall of $10,000, what would you do with it? When you think about it, the possibilities are endless. This large amount of money could serve as a catalyst for life-changing decisions. I came across a discussion on Reddit where people were commenting on what they would do if given $10,000. Many people need money to pay for certain things like necessities. 

1. Debt

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Many people don't like to have debt hovering over their heads. No one likes to drag their debts forever, whether it's student loans, mortgages, or credit card debt. Several people want to pay off their debt off soon so they don't have to worry about it. One person says, “5% of the debt is my home.”

Another said, “I would pay off my car, which has about $8,100 left on it.” 

“Pay off some of my student loans, where all my money goes,” said another person.

“I would pay off the rest of my student loan. I've paid it down through covid and only owe 7k left. That old free up a good chunk of monthly money, and I wouldn't be cutting it so close every week,” said another. 

2. Investment 

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To make more money, you have to invest that money. There are many options to invest your money, like stocks, real estate, or side hustle. People want to have more money without having to worry about life. Many people would use the $10k to invest in something that allows them to have more money.

One person says, “10k renovation on a kitchen or bathroom increases the value of my house by more than just 10k. Sell it and profit.”

“High-quality dividend-paying shares,” a man said. 

3. Dental Work 

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Getting your teeth done is a lot of money, whether for cavities, implants, or fillings. Most people would love to get their teeth fixed if they could afford it. Dental work requires a lot of money, even with insurance. 

“A full money of dental implants. My teeth are horrible, and I can't afford to get them fixed since insurance considers them luxury bones,” he said. 

“Dental health is one of the most important things. My dentist told me when I had my last checkup at 18 that I was likely for infection, and it would get in my bloodstream and could lead to a way worse infection.”

4. Vacation 

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Everyone deserves a vacation because everyone needs a break to not have a mental breakdown. Taking time off helps one to relax, recharge, and explore new horizons, but vacation can be expensive. Depending on where you are going, planning takes a lot of time. 

“Use it to go on a vacation in Croatia, New Zealand, or Scotland,” an individual said. 

“So I would get us a high-end holiday somewhere together with me and my partner. Never been on a cruise, so maybe one of those, so we can all hang out and explore new places,” a user commented. 

“A vacation to Disneyland to take my kids. Been on dialysis the last 5 years and finally got my transplant 4 months ago,” a mom said. 

5. Vehicle 

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Any type of vehicle is expensive, especially a new car. You have to worry about the initial purchase and ongoing expenses such as maintenance, insurance, and gas. It adds up to a lot of money. Like a house, it takes time to pay off your auto loan if you plan to get one. 

“I would buy my husband a used motorcycle. He sold his's to help with a down payment for a house.” She said.

“I'd put it towards some old interesting, strange car. Like maybe a Tatar, a V4 Saab, a Citroen DS or 2CV, or something weird,” he said. 

“A Nissan 350Z. I've wanted that car since I was 8—no second thought.” he said.         

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