The Top 20 Cities Young Talents Are Moving To

Millennials have reached an age where it's time to lay down roots, but many are leaving New York City and Los Angeles to find jobs and homes. With the rising housing market, inflation, and crippling student loan debt finding a city that provides affordability and comfort might mean relocating. The following are the top twenty cities millennials are moving to.

1. Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the most popular city for millennials to move to, with 38% of the city's population made up of millennials. The excellent graduate programs at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, employment opportunities, and high quality of life are the most common reasons for flocking to this city. 

2. Santa Clara, California

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Santa Clara, California, is the second most popular residential area for millennials in the United States. Located in Silicon Valley, Santa Clara has many high-profile tech companies and is a very attractive city for millennials. 

3. Seattle, Washington

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Seattle, Washington, has a booming tech and information industry, which has recently attracted many millennials. The relatively low cost of living, low unemployment rate, and diverse culture are among the many reasons this city is so attractive to this generation. 

4. Sunnyvale, California

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Sunnyvale, California, is one of the major cities in Silicon Valley and offers many millennials the opportunity to land a lucrative career in tech. Despite its high cost of living, millennials make up 12.5% of the city's population. 

5. Denver, Colorado

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Affordability, outdoor recreation, and work-life balance are three reasons millennials flock to Denver, Colorado. The city's cost of living is very attractive for nature-loving millennials who enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, and skiing.

6. Arlington, Virginia

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Arlington, Virginia, is a popular destination for millennials to migrate to. The city's quality of life, thriving job market, and excellent schools make it incredibly attractive. Despite its high cost of living, the high wages in this state make moving there an intelligent financial decision. 

7. Bellevue, Washington

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The number of tech jobs available in Bellevue, Washington, has significantly increased over the last few years, making it an attractive city for millennials. Bellevue also has a vibrant economy, diverse population, and gorgeous natural beauty.

8. Killeen, Texas

Millennials love Killeen, Texas, for its affordable housing and low competition. Many first-time buyers benefit from the excellent housing market of Killeen and consider this city the best option in the state. It's also a great place to migrate if you enjoy outdoor spaces like parks, lakes, and hiking trails.

9. Austin, Texas

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Austin, Texas, the heart of the Lone Star State, has much to offer young professionals. Affordable housing, job prospects, low cost of living, rich culture, food scene, and exciting nightlife are among the many reasons millennials are flocking to this city. 

10. Sandy Springs, Georgia

Sandy Springs, Georgia, is an attractive location for millennials who want to enjoy a perfect blend of urban and suburban charm. Sandy Springs has rich greenery and outdoor spaces and is considered the greenest city in the U.S. It's also located near Atlanta, which provides access to the excitement of big city life.

11. Savannah, Georgia

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Millennials love Savannah, Georgia, for its walkability. Living within walking distance of restaurants, shopping centers, and parks is a major selling point for the city. Savannah has many job opportunities, beautiful, well-preserved historic architecture, rich culture, amazing beaches, and an incredible food scene. 

12. Boulder, Colorado

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Boulder, Colorado, located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is well-known for its natural beauty and scenic views. This city is especially attractive for millennials because of its thriving job market, housing market, and outdoor recreation. 

13. Alexandria, Virginia

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Millennials are at the stage in life where they're ready to settle down, and Alexandria, Virginia, is an excellent place to do so. With several job opportunities within the area, easy access to the Metro, diverse culture, an amazing food scene, and access to many family-owned businesses, this historic city is a desirable place to live. 

14. Columbia, South Carolina

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Columbia, South Carolina, has a low cost of living, making it attractive to young professionals. Millennials are moving to this city to enjoy the rich culture, exciting events and festivals, and food scene while still being able to afford their necessities. 

15. Washington, District of Columbia

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Millennials want to enjoy an urban family life, and Washington, D.C., is an excellent place to do so. The availability of jobs at high salary levels, affordable housing, low crime rates, and beautiful neighborhoods make this city a fantastic option for relocation. 

16. Portland, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon, is a hub for tech and creativity. Many entrepreneurs flock to this state, and since millennials are the most entrepreneurial generation, this city is a perfect location to relocate to. With many large tech companies and startups, millennials hoping to enter the tech scene feel right at home. Social entrepreneurs can benefit from the art and creativity of this city. 

17. Tempe, Arizona

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Tempe, Arizona, home to Arizona State University, is a college town offering residents a relaxed lifestyle and exciting nightlife. The median age in Tempe is 28, making the majority of the city's population millennials. The more affordable cost of living, lower taxes, and walkability are among some of the reasons millennials are migrating to this city. 

18. Boston, Massachusetts

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Millennials are searching for larger homes in affordable areas. Boston, Massachusetts, is walkable, has a relatively low cost of living, affordable suburban homes, and is considered one of the safest cities in the U.S. With access to entertainment, outdoor recreation, and a rich cultural scene, this city is an excellent option for millennials. 

19. Nashville, Tennessee

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Millennials love Nashville, Tennessee, the Music City. As one of the best U.S. states to launch a startup, entrepreneurial millennials are flocking to this city to take advantage of the thriving healthcare, education, entertainment, and tech industries. The affordable cost of living, thriving economy, and natural beauty make Nashville an excellent option for relocation. 

20. Clarksville, Tennessee

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Clarksville, Tennessee, is well-known for its scenic beauty and mild climate. Over the last few years, millennials have increased their interest in this city for its affordable housing, diverse employment opportunities, and educational opportunities.


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