Ten Years Until Retirement? Here are 15 Ways to Start Earning Passive Income Today

Retirement should be when you can do what you love without worrying about earning a steady income. Unfortunately, many soon-to-be retirees are worried about financial insecurity after retirement. If you’re retiring in the next ten years, you still have time to establish multiple passive income sources that will carry you through retirement. Here are fifteen lucrative passive income ideas to consider. 

1. Invest in Rental Properties 

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One popular way to earn passive income during retirement is by investing in rental properties. Real estate is a wise investment at any age, but if you’re retiring in the next ten years, rental properties are an excellent option to ensure you can afford to make the most of your retirement years. Though the initial investment is high, rental income from investment properties could fully fund your retirement. 

2. Invest in a Franchise

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A franchise could be a good investment if you’re business-minded but don’t want to build a company from the ground up. It’s an established brand with a proven business model that could earn you a lot of money in the long term. Although the initial investment is significant, with ten years until retirement, you have sufficient time to see a return on your investment before your last day of work. 

3. Stock Market 

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The stock market has been a lucrative form of passive income for several decades. However, while these investments could produce massive returns, they’re also a significant risk. If you don’t have much time until retirement, research which individual stocks or shares are the right choice. 

4. Bond Investments

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If investing in the stock market is too risky, bonds are an excellent alternative. Bonds are loans given to governments and corporations when they’re trying to raise money. In return for your investment, you receive regular interest payments until the bond matures, and then you’re repaid the original investment.

5. Rent Your Vehicles

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Do you have vehicles you don’t use often? Many people advise retirees to sell any additional cars and save the profit for retirement, but there’s a way to use your car to generate income. Multiple websites allow you to list your vehicle for rent to people who need short-term transportation. 

6. High-Yield Savings Accounts

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Savings accounts are a great way to invest money because there’s no risk. High-yield savings accounts offer an excellent passive income opportunity for retirees. Instead of letting your savings sit in a regular savings account, it could be making money for you.

7. Write an Ebook or Digital Guide

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Do you have a way with words? Readership within the book industry has considerably increased over the last few years in both fiction and nonfiction genres. So, if you have a story to tell or valuable knowledge you’d like to pass on, writing an ebook is an excellent source of passive income. 

8. Rent a Portion of Your Home

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How would you like to earn money from your property while sitting at home? You can earn a steady income year-round by renting out a portion of your house. Whether you list a portion of your home for short-term rental on sites like AirBnB or offer it on a more long-term basis, rental income is a very lucrative form of passive income. 

9. Rent Out Recreational Assets

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Rental income doesn’t only apply to homes; many soon-to-be retirees have acquired recreational assets over the years that could make them a lot of money. Equipment, recreational vehicles, trampolines, kayaks, and backyard pools are all items that could be rented out to generate passive income. What recreational assets do you have?

10. Advertise on Your Car

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Advertising on your car might be the easiest way to earn a few extra hundred dollars a month until retirement. Some sites will pay you to wrap your car with advertisements. Apart from driving a slightly strange-looking vehicle, this method requires no investment or effort to earn money. 

11. Renting Out Storage 

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With overconsumption rapidly becoming a serious concern, more and more people are searching for cheap ways to store their personal items. Do you have an unused basement, garage, or attic? You could convert it into a storage space and rent it out weekly or monthly. 

12. Create an Online Course

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What’s your area of expertise? After working for several years in your industry, you must have attained valuable knowledge over the years that you could share with the younger generations. If you enjoy teaching and helping others, creating and selling an online course on platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, etc., can earn you a lot of money.

13. Invest in Long-Term CDs

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Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are an excellent option for people nearing retirement who have already maxed out their retirement account contributions. CDs are a form of investment that could generate supplemental income for retirement. Though the returns on this investment are lower than other investments, CDs offer stability and a much lower risk. 

14. Invest in REITs

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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are for people interested in real estate investing but who don’t want the responsibility of being a landlord. In this type of investment, you and other investors pool your money to purchase properties and share the profits. While this might sound like a straightforward investment, it’s always good to get the advice of a professional before investing with other parties. 

15. Blogging 

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Blogging has existed for several years and is still a lucrative way to make money. You can make money through ads, affiliate marketing, and your products or services. Since blogging requires a few years to build an audience of loyal readers, starting while you’re ten years away from retirement is the perfect time to begin. 


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