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Summer Activities to Add to Your List!

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It's that time of year again when you can enjoy the lovely hot weather of summer. Most of you are thinking of different activities and vacations for the next few weeks or months. Like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, you want the best and most exciting summer ever. 

Besides going sunbathing by the pool, walking in summer clothes, or walking along the beach (if you are lucky to be there), you can add many fun ideas to your summer bucket list

Let's get started! 

Summer Activities to Do This Year

Amusement Park 

Going to the amusement park has many different things you can look forward to, like the rides, games, and food. It is a place where the fun never stops. Around 375 million people will visit the amusement park this year.  There are so many fun and exciting amusement park that can give you ever-lasting memories. You have Disney World, Disney Land, Sea World, Siz Flags, Hershey Park, and more. You surely want to add one of these to your list of summer activities if you have never been! 

Outdoor Concert

Have you ever attended an outdoor concert? If you have not, then you are missing out. Outdoor concerts are amazing, and summer provides the best atmosphere. When you're at an outdoor concert, you have the freedom to truly express yourself – walk around, dance, lie down, shout at the top of your voice. It's an incredible feeling!

Outdoor concerts also allow you to enjoy the warm summer weather as you get your groove on. 

A Picnic 

If you love food, why not have a picnic? Eating out in the open with the people you care about is a beautiful experience to add to your summer activities. It is extremely relaxing to sit by a lake, eat your meal, and watch the beautiful scenery. It is one of the easiest and most affordable activities to do if you are on a budget

The beautiful setting encourages some level of openness, friendship, and reflection. Of course, you get to breathe in the fresh air and get an ample supply of vitamin D.

Road Trip 

Pick a destination, pack a bag, tune up your car, and hit the road! Whether it is a mini-trip or a spontaneous road trip, it is one of the best things to do in the summer. With the nice weather, you desperately want to leave your house to go on an adventure. Going on a road trip allows you to discover new things and gain new experiences. If you have trouble planning your trip, there are many road trip planning apps to help you. You should start now if you've never been on a road trip. When you do go, remember to take stops, enjoy the moment, and take lots of pictures for memories. 


Do you have a love for mother nature? You can get a cabin, make s'mores, watch the stars, go on the hiking trails, go kayaking, and see unique animals if there are any. The best part about being with nature is that it heals the soul, relaxes the mind, and forgets all your problems. If you want to be alone and give yourself some self-care, then go on a solo trip by getting a cabin and going hiking.

Host a Party

Having a party with your beloved friends and family is always the best! Maybe it has been a long time since everyone got together, so you want to throw a party. Just do it! There is no better time to do it than the summer. You can host a small or large party and come up with a list of party food to impress your guests! With too many things at the beginning and end of the year, it can be hard to see everyone. 

Try New Recipe 

Are you a person who wants to try new things every year? How about cooking or baking a new recipe you have never done before. Better yet, if you have never baked or cooked in your life, you should try it. The feeling of starting something new is always an unforgettable moment. You can start small and work your way up. You can even start saving more money when you start making your own food at home. What a bonus! 

Play Board Games 

You can never go wrong with board games. There are many board games you can play with your friends or family. If you want to try something new, get a new board game to play. There is UNO, Sequence, Old Maid, Monopoly, Scrabble, Game of Life, Sequence, and more. Board games tend to bring people together, and the time passes by usually fast when you are having fun. If you think board games are overrated, then you are wrong, my friend! 

Arts & Crafts 

Some people get back into doing arts and crafts after taking a break. If you are an artistic person, you can start doing some arts and crafts or cool projects. Maybe you can start selling on Etsy if you want your summer to be more fun. Perhaps you can start a small side hustle by selling your original work. You can go in different routes with art like digital products, crocheting, print-on-demand, merchandise, wall art, and more. You just need to explore and find what you love!


Most people have never done water-skiing before. If this is you, you should add it to your summer bucket list. Swimming may sound incredible, but water-skiing is a whole new level. It is similar to skiing; the only difference is that you're gliding on water, not snow – with skis. The ski will be attached to a boat, and as the boat moves, so will you. Woo-hoo! It's like walking on water and having it splash around you. Water skiing is one of the best summer activities for family. You can take turns and watch each other enjoy the moment.  

Chill by the Pool

How about a relaxing Sunday near the pool? It is essential to give yourself self-love when you need it. Sunday can be a lazy day for everyone, so why not just chill by the pool. During the summer, everyone loves to be near a pool. You can sunbathe or swim in the pool. It's not something new for some of you, but some people living up North in the states probably want to do it as often as possible since it's always cold up there. 

Water Balloon Fight 

Water balloon fights may seem like a kids' game, but there's no reason grownups can't be a part of the fun. Whether you're playing with your kids or close-knit friends, water balloon fights are an enjoyable experience to get off your summer bucket list. 

What do water balloon fights entail? Small balloons filled with water (enough to fit into the palm) and an all-out battle with everyone trying to hit a target. The person with the driest body wins. You don't have to stress yourself to have a balloon fight. Get some balloons and a faucet to fill them with water. That's all you need for a basic balloon fight. If you want to take things up a notch, you can always add other fun stuff like water guns. 

Water Park 

Nothing beats it relaxing on the lazy river. If you love amusement parks, you will love the water park too. You can enjoy many areas like swimming pools, water playgrounds, water slides, water pads, and more. With everything in front of you, you just want to do it all. When the weather is hot, you just want to go to the water park to have fun and relax. 

Ride on a Hot Air Balloon 

Want to see a whole new world? How about going up in the air for a phenomenal worldview? Everything looks remarkable from a different perspective. If you feel bored seeing the world from the ground, you should try seeing the view from above. If you are scared of heights, don't do it! It may be an experience, but your life comes first. If you have never been, you need to put this on your list of summer activities. You will love the beautiful scenery when you are up in the air. 

Fly to Another Country 

Traveling and exploring another country is probably everyone's favorite and expensive thing to add to a summer bucket list. Traveling and seeing a different country is always everyone's dream since the culture is different. The architecture, food, language, people, activities, and clothes amaze you. If you have money saved up, you should go travel and explore the other side of the world. You might not get another chance, so when you do, you should go for it! 

Closing Thoughts

Summer is the most exciting year for some of you, and you want it to last all year round due to the warm and welcoming weather. You might have some plans for the summer, but if you don't, make sure you go over the list again. You don't have to do all the summer activities but the ones you want to try. Hopefully, you have some plans up your sleeves for the perfect hot summer! 

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the next post! 

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