Millennials Are Ditching These 20 Products

Millennial shopping habits have significantly impacted the global economy. Every generation has its preferences, trends, and ideas about clothing, social issues, and how to spend money. The following are twenty things millennials choose not to buy. 

1. Cereals 

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Millennials loved colorful, sugary cereals as kids, but they're ditching all cereals altogether as adults. While many adults have a bowl of cereal for their breakfast every morning, millennials prefer a more nutritious way to start their day, like avocado toast or a breakfast smoothie. 

2. Soap Bars

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Bar soap has been around for centuries, but millennials prefer not to use it for some reason. This generation is all about body washes and liquid soap. They believe these products are more hygienic and often come in eco-friendly packaging. 

3. Office Attire

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Most millennials would hate to report to a 9-to-5 job wearing a stuffy suit all day. With remote work becoming more popular and the rise of relaxed office environments, millennials are trading the typical office attire for casual wear. 

4. Cable 

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Millennials don't spend their money on cable TV; it's all about streaming services. After a childhood of cable TV menus and unskippable ads, millennials love being able to choose what they want to watch without being tied to a cable package. 

5. Printed Newspapers 

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No one has time to sit down and flip through a physical newspaper anymore. Millennials prefer to get their news via digital sources like social media, apps, and blogs. It's much faster and more convenient. 

6. Redundant Tech 

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Millennials won't buy a separate device if a smartphone can do it. Although millennials are tech-savvy, they're also minimalists. Instead of collecting several devices that serve the same purpose, millennials refuse to spend money on redundant tech. 

7. Single-Use Plastics 

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Sustainability is a significant concern for most millennials. They're conscious of the impact their actions will have on the planet. Whether plastic shopping bags or single-use plastic water bottles, millennials refuse to purchase these items to reduce waste and protect the environment.

8. Traditional Doorbells 

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If a millennial arrives at your house, they'll likely send you a text that they've arrived instead of coming to your door. Likewise, they won't bother buying a traditional doorbell because they won't open the door to any unexpected guests. Plus, with the invention of video doorbells, who needs a traditional doorbell where you can't see who's at the door?

9. Chemical Cleaners 

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Millennials love eco-friendly products, including cleaning products. Instead of harsh chemical cleaners, they opt for natural, eco-friendly alternatives. They love supporting companies that produce products that are safer for the environment and their homes. 

10. Fabric Softener

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You would never find people from the older generations doing laundry without fabric softener. But for millennials, it just isn't necessary anymore. Many millennials opt for wool dryer balls and essential oils to keep their clothes feeling and smelling fresh.

11. Branded Beers

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If a millennial is drinking beer, it's likely craft beer. Millennials are entrepreneurs at heart and love supporting small businesses. Instead of buying branded beers, they spend money on local breweries with unique and flavorful beers.

12. Printed Maps

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Does anyone use paper maps anymore? With GPS available from your cellphone, millennials don't have any reason to use a physical map. GPS is more convenient and accurate, providing real-time, up-to-date information on traffic and potential alternative routes.

13. Gift Shop Souvenirs 

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Tacky gift shop souvenirs are a thing of the past in the eyes of the average millennial. They prefer to treasure photos and memories over cheap gift shop items that will only clutter their homes. If they purchase a souvenir, it would be a handmade, local craft.

14. Processed Foods 

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Millennials value healthy eating and see processed foods as unhealthy and unappealing. They prefer to spend money on fresh foods and enjoy meal prep, cooking at home, and trying new recipes. 

15. Diamonds 

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Diamonds' allure on the older generations hasn't been passed down to millennials. Many view diamond jewelry as overpriced and ethically questionable accessories. They prefer alternatives like lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, and other gemstones. 

16. Cruises 

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Cruises have a significant adverse environmental impact with the amount of greenhouse gases emitted and sewage dumped into the ocean. Eco-friendly millennials prefer more authentic and sustainable travel options. 

17. Weddings 

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The wedding industry has become increasingly expensive over the years. To millennials, weddings are much too expensive, and they prefer to celebrate their love in another way. More intimate and non-traditional weddings are much more common among millennials. 

18. Dairy Milk

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Plant-based alternatives like almond, soy, and oat milk are popular among millennials. Many are choosing to cut back on dairy products for health, ethical, and environmental reasons. 

19. Encyclopedias 

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With the convenience of the internet, physical encyclopedias are a thing of the past. Google, Reddit, Wikipedia, and AI assistants are only a few common places millennials go for information. The instant access to information has made looking up information in a physical encyclopedia unheard of among millennials. 

20. Irons 

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Who has time to iron clothes? Millennials love comfortable outfits made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics. With this generation's increased casual wear, purchasing an iron is unnecessary for many millennials. Plus, there are much easier and more convenient products like steamers and wrinkle sprays. 

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