Make Less Than $75,000? Here are the 14 U.S. States With The Most Affordable Housing

Do you earn less than $75,000 a year and think owning a home is out of your reach? Despite the rising cost of housing across the United States, there are still areas where owning a median-sized home is well within your grasp. The following are the only fourteen states where you can purchase a home on a salary of under $75,000, ranked from lowest income requirement to highest.

1. Mississippi

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With a median income of $63,043 and a cost of living considerably lower than the national average, Mississippi is ranked the number one most affordable state in the U.S. A paradise for nature lovers, this state is known for its abundant nature, including forests, swamps, and beaches. Living in Mississippi is not only enjoyable but also offers affordable housing without financial strain. 

2. Ohio

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Located in the heart of the Midwest, Ohio offers lively urban centers and a tranquil countryside, an ideal location for individuals and families alike. With a median income of $64,071, most citizens can afford a comfortable, mid-sized home without a significant burden. Since everyday expenses are well below the national average, you can live a comfortable life on a small budget in Ohio.

3. Arkansas

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The Natural State of the U.S., with 52 state parks that offer visitors hiking trails, fishing, mountain cabins, and more, life in Arkansas is peaceful. With an average income of $64,714 and a lower cost of living compared to other areas in the U.S., this state proves that owning a home doesn't have to be a sacrifice.

4. Indiana

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Indiana is a picturesque blend of urban and rural landscapes, with golden lake shores, sprawling cornfields, and serene parks. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average person spends about $42,697 per year living in Indiana, but with an average income of $65,143, the cost of owning a home doesn't overshadow the joys of living in this beautiful state. 

5. Kentucky

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Kentucky, known as the Bluegrass State, is known for its horse racing, bourbon, and rich American history. Kentucky's vibrant cultural life is also affordable, with a relatively low cost of living and citizens earning an average of $65,186 per year.

6. Iowa

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Iowa offers its citizens more than just cornfields; this state prides itself on education, community, and a high quality of life. With an average income of $65,314 and a relatively low cost of living, your earnings will go further, ensuring the average citizen can afford to purchase their own home. 

7. Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is known for its strong sense of identity and community. The mix of urban and rural living makes it easy to enjoy a laid-back country lifestyle without sacrificing the perks of modern city living. With an average income of $65,443, the cost of owning a home in Oklahoma doesn't require a six-figure income.

8. Michigan

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Michigan, the Great Lakes State, home to four of the five Great Lakes, appeals to every outdoor enthusiast in the U.S. The natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and thriving economy only add to its charm. With an average income of $66,343 and a low cost of living, citizens enjoy affordable housing, education, and entertainment.

9. Missouri

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Missouri, known as the Show-Me State for its citizens' no-nonsense, straightforward approach to life, definitely has a no-nonsense approach to the cost of living. As one of the most affordable places to live in the U.S., on an average income of $66,986, buying a home in Missouri is within your reach. 

10. Louisiana

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A melting pot of cultures located in the deep south of the U.S., Louisiana is well-known for its delicious food, world-class music, and exciting festivals. However, the vibrant culture and southern hospitality are only some of what Louisiana has to offer; it also has an affordable housing market. The average citizen earns about $67,886 and can easily afford a median-sized home. 

11. Alabama

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The warm weather, beautiful beaches, and slower pace of life in Alabama are major selling points of this state. With an average income of $69,514, it's an area where an affordable housing market allows you to enjoy the state's scenic beauty without breaking the bank to purchase a home. 

12. Kansas

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The Sunflower State of the U.S. is well-known for its friendly people, beautiful landscapes, and affordable cost of living. With an average yearly income of $72,343 and a relatively low cost of living, affording a home in this state is an attainable goal. 

13. North Dakota

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With a booming economy and low employment rate, it's no surprise that North Dakota is among the most affordable states in the U.S. This area is perfect for nature lovers, with beautiful natural landscapes, farming communities, and outdoor attractions. An average yearly income of $73,414 and a cost of living lower than the national average mean you can enjoy life in North Dakota without a hefty price tag. 

14. West Virginia

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West Virginia, with its average income of $74,957, offers its citizens breathtaking natural beauty, a slower pace of life, and affordable housing. With a low cost of living and a strong connection to nature, West Virginia is an excellent state for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life when purchasing a home. 


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