Fantastic Ways to Find Inspiration for Blog Post Ideas

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Are you sitting down at your laptop and getting ready to write a masterpiece for your content-thirsty readers? However, once you sat down, nothing comes to mind. No blog post ideas, but an empty cloud over your head. However, you've been staring at your screens for eternity.

Finding the next masterpiece to write for your readers can be challenging. You want to be creative and write something new that no one is talking or writing about. If you write something interesting people will come back to your blog to read, right? But if you have nothing, then what?

There are just church bells ringing or birds chirping in your brain. No inspiration! No plan! And no innovative ideas for your readers!

We all know that content is king and consistency is queen right? But when you got nothing, what do you do? 

You have to take a different approach. Let’s take a step back and rewind shall we?

If you are a new blogger, you might want to start a blog and set it all up before reading further. 

Anyway back to the post!

Coming up with a topic or content to write about can be extremely difficult. You sit there and think of a bunch of blog post ideas that your readers might like.

Most of you try to force yourself to write content because you want to post it for the week, but that can hurt you. Overcoming writer's block can be hard when you have no motivation or have zero ideas.

If you are lost and have no ideas to get inspiration for your next post then keep reading. These tips and tricks might inspire you in writing a new post for your blog. 

Stop and Reflect

Sometimes it’s good to stop for a moment to reflect and see what you already have on your blog. Look at your previous posts to see if there is a topic that sticks out to you. 

By going back to your old posts, you can see how much you grow and change over the past weeks or months. Isn’t it amazing to see how far you come?

At times, I’m always pushing myself to exceed my expectation and try to post something for the day. Just take a step back and take a breath. You’ll get there!

There should be no reason to force a bunch of blog post ideas down your little brain because you are just going to tire yourself out. Sometimes you can hit pause for the day and try again tomorrow. 

Being a blogger is fun and all, but there will be times when you hit a wall. When you do, it is best to stop and reflect on what you have done and maybe change things up a bit. 

Blog post ideas can come and go at times so always be prepared.

Take A Hike

Whether you are going for a walk, a run, or a small hike, you can find so much inspiration in nature. Instead of wasting time sitting at a desk thinking about the next big thing to write, you need to refresh your mind. If you take the time to give your mind a break, you'll come back with new ideas. You'll feel so much better after getting some fresh air.

Who knows, you might have something that is mind-blowing. Ideas can come from anywhere, so you should always keep your minds open to new possibilities. 

Read Other Blogs

When you are stuck why not look at what other bloggers are writing about? There are lots of things you can read about on the internet, and you are most likely going to find something that excites you. Going to your favorite bloggers’ sites to see what recent posts that they have written about can give you an idea of what to write.

By reading other blogs, you start to think of new blog post ideas as you are reading. Sometimes it’s better to read other bloggers’ posts than staring at your laptop’s screen and forcing yourself to come up with new content. 

I know how hard it is when your brain is just not working for the day and you have no clue how to overcome that wall. There are times I want to give up because I don’t know where to get inspiration to write. There will be days like that and it’s normal. 

At times, it’s good for your mental state to take a break and go get inspiration from your favorite bloggers. Things shouldn’t be forced. 

A Day for Yourself

Sometimes you need a day away from your laptop. Everyone needs a day to recharge their minds by taking a break. Have one day to do the things you love, like doing DIY projects, hanging out with your friends, watching a movie, going to a new restaurant, etc. You don't need to be so hard on yourself.

Don't force new topics or content to form in your head because it'll only tire you out even more. Just spend one-day practicing self-care or doing the things you've wanted to do for a long time.

Something will trigger that little brain of yours when you do other things. We are all humans, so nothing will ever go our way. 

Change your Environment

When you stay in one place for way too long, your mind will become dull, and you'll start to lose focus. You'll end up procrastinating and not being productive. It might be better to work somewhere else to boost productivity and creativity. Whenever you feel suffocated in your room or house, you need a change of scenery because you can end up being depressed and lonely.

To find blog post ideas, you need to leave your house. If not, you can't overcome that writer's block. You can try going to a coffee shop, boba shop, library, park, or lake. Find a location that makes you happy because this will help you generate new content for your blog. 

Take a Break

Sometimes sitting in your room and thinking of blog post ideas can really drain your energy. You need a change of scenery so I suggest you go outside for a bit and come back. If you are wasting time in your room thinking of an idea, you mind as well go for a walk. 

When you give your brain a break, your brain can recharge, and you can work harder after a little break. I always burned myself out by sitting there in my room and trying my best to come up with amazing content to write. The more I tried to force myself, the more tired I felt. So please take a break and step away from your laptop even if it’s for a bit. 

My friends always tell me to go on a walk or a drive so that I can be away from my laptop even if it’s for a few minutes. They always see me forcing myself to do things, which I do sometimes because I have a habit of wanting things done. 

We are humans and our mental and physical states are important so learn to love yourself. Self-care is also important and should never be neglected. If you can’t take care of yourself, you’ll have a hard time doing your work, so be mindful of that. 

Blog post ideas shouldn’t be more important than yourself. 


If you are stuck, why not just get a piece of paper and start writing random things. Just don't second guess yourself but keep writing. After you declutter your thoughts, you can go back and read what you've written.

When you do this, you can connect the dots and see what new topics you can write about. Maybe you had a piece of an idea that is not fully formed yet.

Freewriting can definitely help to overcome writer's block. You never know what crazy ideas can pop out when you write everything out on paper. 

Use the Internet as a Resource

You have a laptop and the internet in front of you, so coming up with blog post ideas shouldn’t be hard. You can search for many things on Google or watch YouTube videos to help you generate new ideas. 

You have everything in front of you, so why not use it to your advantage. If you can’t come up with a blog post idea, it is time to go online and search for answers. Try to go on AnswerthePublic and type in a word. A lot of ideas will start to generate for you. 

You might have other websites that can help you generate topics, so use them to your advantage. Sometimes we need help from resources to overcome those obstacles because we can’t do everything by ourselves. 

You can have people guest post on your blog too if they have an amazing idea or two. Having someone to write their thoughts and ideas on your blog can give you a breather, and you don’t have to stress as much. 

Write a List of Ideas

This may be a no-brainer for some of you, but I try to have a list of ideas saved somewhere on my laptop when a hit a dead end. When you have a list of blog post ideas, you can always go to it and see if that is a great topic you want to write about. 

When you have an idea that pops into your head, you should write it down or type it on your phone, so you can go back to it when you forget.

Sometimes you get stuck on certain days, but if you write it down and keep a list for yourself, you can always go back to it for inspiration. 

Having a list can help you a ton when you are in a rut. 

Go Window Shopping

You can find many things to do and inspiration when you go window shopping. However, you don't want to overspend because window shopping can lead to overspending. If you are a fashion or food blogger, you can surely find many things to write about at the mall, such as new trendy clothes, places to take pictures at the mall, taste all food at the food court, etc. There might be some events that are happening, and you can always write something about it. 

Watch Netflix and Chill

This might be everyone's favorite, but watching a show or movie can produce new blog post ideas for your content. When you watch something, you just want to write something interesting and fascinating to impress your readers.

What do people like when they watch a movie or show? They look for the plot and summary of the movie or show. If it's interesting, they will watch it. The same goes for a blog.

People read if it's to their liking. If your content is helpful to them, then they will read it. A great movie or show is great to find inspiration. If your blog is about entertainment, you can do a parody or an overview of a movie that your readers might enjoy reading. 

Talk to Friends or Family

Interacting with other people can help you generate new ideas for your next new post. If you are stuck on your own, why not ask for help from those around you? You can get things done faster and efficiently if you ask others for a helping hand.

Everything does not have to be done by one person. I know how it is when asking for help. You don't want help or you prefer doing it alone. However, in the real world, no one can do everything by himself or herself. Many are better than one.

You may never know what your friends or family may have to say. They might give you an outstanding idea that can blow your mind. Then you'll end up thanking them.

Read a Book

When you read a book, new ideas will start forming in your head. Like watching a movie, ideas will come when you read something fascinating. Whether you like to read a regular book, comic book, webtoons, manga, and so forth, find something that you enjoy. Ideas will follow after.

Get on Social Media

Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok have a lot of things to see. There is a lot of creativity that people come up with every day. You have probably seen many exciting ideas on social media like funny skits, lifestyle, DIY projects, fashion, cooking, and more. Whenever you are feeling stuck and trying to overcome writer's block, social media can help you generate new and fun ideas for your blog. 

Blog Post Ideas

Now the fun part! I am giving you a list of blog post ideas for those who may be stuck, and hopefully, this will help you or give you inspiration for your new topics. 

Here are some ideas for you:

  • How to Revamp a Room on a Budget 
  • List of Things You Need in a Home 
  • Where Should I go on a Trip with Friends 
  • How to Party on a Budget 
  • Free Things to Do that Require NO Money 
  • How to Make Food on the Go in 10 Minutes 
  • Meaningful Gifts to your Beloved Ones 
  • How to Balance Work and Life
  • A Guide to Be Productive All Day
  • Simple Steps on How to Maintain a Routine
  • Things to Do to Make Lasting Memories with Families
  • What You Should Start Doing When You in College
  • How to Manage Your Day and Get Everything Done
  • Where to Buy Cheap Home Decor for Your House
  • Pros and Cons on Eating out
  • The Advantages of Saving at a Young Age
  • When Should You Start Worrying about your Finances
  • What Age Should You Teach Your Children About Money
  • Are You Obligated to Buy Everyone Christmas Gifts

There are so many topics you can talk about that can excite your readers. You just need to find something that excites you!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next post!

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