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Trendy Games That Give You Free Money!

Making money is not a walk in the park, so when you find a way to earn free money, take it! It may sound too good to be true that games pay players real money, but it isn't. Gamers know which games to play and get rewards, and today you're about to discover the gold mines.

These games will pay you real money to play and perform other actions. You can play these games in your free time at work, while sipping coffee at the cafe, or anywhere. The bottom line is that you earn money on the go and will have fun while at it.

Without further ado, let’s discover the best paying and exciting games in the comprehensive list of the best free money gaming apps.

Best Gaming Apps to Earn Free Money

1. Game of Thrones Slot Casino

If you saw the amazing Game of Thrones TV series and loved it, you will love this game too! The game is based on Game of Thrones and involves a quest to attain the Iron Throne. You can create or join a house on your quest to conquer Westeros, and it will take teamwork to grow through the ranks.

To play the game, you must spin slot machines to ultimate glory. You will need to collect and upgrade character cards, work with friends, raise a dragon, and much more! The game models GOT (sounds, art, and sights) and will bring memorable experiences like the TV show.

Playing GOT Slots will help you discover new online relationships, thanks to the commendable social feature. You'll get to work with them and learn new tips along the line. Because GOT Slot also features betting on the slot machines, you will be exercising and challenging your brain as you decipher the best moves and wagers for each game. 

Game of Thrones Slot Casino is an all-around exciting gaming experience, and we think it's worth playing for free money.

Play Game of Thrones Slot Casino

2. Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is one of the popular games for earning free money. You can play free or paid bingo games on this app and participate in single or tournament-based games. Blackout Bingo is a casino game like GOT Slot, but the difference is that you aren't spinning a wheel. Instead, you will face another player in two-minute ‘battles.'

Both players see the same balls and game cards, and the first person to daub bingo cards and gets BINGO takes the day. You can play the free game if you don't want to invest any money, and you can win merchandise on this mode. However, if you want to make extra money, play with real money and stand a chance to win cash prizes and virtual tickets convertible to gift cards and merch.

Blackout Bingo features free practice events, leagues, boosts, loyalty tiers, and more. You will enjoy playing this game.

Play Blackout Bingo

3. Brain Battle

Brain Battle creator, WINR, is willing to share ad revenue when you play this game. The game entails solving simple math calculations as quickly as possible. The more questions you answer, the more tickets you earn. You can exchange the tickets for cash or use them to enter a weekly prize draw. 

Another cool thing about playing this game is that the company automatically syncs your account with other games. So, that's more opportunities to play, earn tickets, and make free money. 

Brain Battle will help improve your math skills, have fun and earn money. It may take some time to accumulate tickets, but the game is legit and pays out through PayPal. 

Brain Battle is available on Google Play Store and Android App Store. 

4. 21 Blitz

The 21 Blitz game puts an exciting twist on solitaire and blackjack. You can play the game for fun without any money, but if you want to make money, play the cash game. The game's objective is to get the highest score within three minutes or less. 

The game offers two tournament options – 21 Blitz Bracket and head-to-head. The entry fee for Blitz Bracket is $3 with a $65 total prize money, alongside other perks. The tournament has 32 members that will face off in pairs, and you get to move on to the next challenge after each win. To partake in the prize money, you have to be top 16, and the higher your rank, the more $$$ you make. 

The Head to Head tournament is between two players, and the player with the highest score wins the game. 

Play 21 Blitz

5. Big Buck Hunter 

Big Buck Hunter might appeal to you if you enjoy shooting games. In this game, the targets are deer, and you earn points for your shooting skills. Practice and improve your shooting ability to hit the target and get the marksman award. But there's more to the game than getting awards; you can earn real money. 

To stand a chance to earn money, you have to join the World Championship and slug it out with other players. You will earn more points with shots to the head or heart, which takes some practice. When you win championships, the game pays for your efforts and success. 

Big Buck Hunter is available on iOS and Android app stores. 

Play Big Buck Hunter

6. Spades Cash

Spades Cash is a card game where you can win real-life prizes and cash. You can play against the system AI and compare your scores to other real players worldwide. If you are new and don't understand the game, start with the tutorial section to learn the ropes.

You have to play to earn the most points against the AI to be the winner. And when you are matched with another real player, you stand a chance to take the day. After training and honing your skills, you can take things up a notch by wagering real money, and that's how you earn free money from this game. 

You can also participate in multiplayer tournaments with other real players. Improve your skill level to give yourself a winning chance. 

Play Spades Cash

7. Wealth Words

Word games, including puzzles, trivia, and scrabble, are super exciting and addictive. And if you're good with words, these games will appeal to you more. Well, here's another fun word game, but this one pays you to play, and it's Wealth Words. 

Wealth Words features crossword games that help you pass the time and enjoy every minute. It's also an avenue for mental exercise and to earn free money. It doesn't matter if you're a greenhorn or a wordsmith; Wealth Words has a huge collection of crossword games to play. 

You don't have to download an app to play the games. Wealth Words is available online.

Play Wealth Words

8. Pool Payday

This one is for all pool lovers; it could be your payday if you throw your hat in the ring. Pool Payday features progression rewards, live events, playing against friends, free matches, and cash matches. 

If you're playing for fun, you will earn progression rewards and other bonuses. However, if you're in it for the money, the tournament is where you should be. Entry will cost a few bucks, but you could multiply that amount and cash out. 

Pool Payday pays gamers through Apple Pay, PayPal, and other payment options. 

Play Pool Payday

9. Angry Birds

If you've been around for a while, you probably know about the Angry Birds game. It was the hottest game in 2009 and has since garnered millions of gamers and followers worldwide. In 2018, Angry Birds’ creators added the cash earning feature to strengthen the game's popularity. 

Now you can earn money by entering tournaments, wagering money, and getting paid if you win. It's still the same concept of tossing birds at pigs and structures, but the difference is you can now cash out! 

The moneymaking feature of Angry Birds is only available when you play the game on WorldWinner. You can also play other games that pay free money on WorldWinner.

Play Angry Birds

10. InboxDollars

Note: This is not a game but a platform where you can access games that pay free money. 

Which app will pay you $5 to sign up to their platform and access hundreds of games that pay free money for participation? InboxDollars! 

The signup process is relatively simple but be prepared to give away your personal information, including your name and email address. After signing up, you will gain access to all the paying opportunities.

You will find all kinds of pay-to-play games, including InboxDollars games – Monkey Bubble Shooter, Mahjong Solitaire, and Candy Jam. You will also find hundreds of exciting and addictive GSN games. What's more? There are other avenues for earning money with InboxDollars, and these include

  • Taking paid surveys
  • Cashback for online shopping
  • Getting paid to read emails
  • Coupon cash rewards

One of the popular games to make money on InboxDollars is Mahjong Solitaire. You can compete with other players for bragging rights and cash rewards. And withdrawal is possible through Paypal's secure system.

Closing Thoughts

Look no further than these games if you want to play exciting games that pay real money. They are all legit and available on your mobile app stores or online. You can also earn referrals and other bonuses on some games, so explore them as much as possible. 

Don't expect to make a fortune playing these games, and be cautious with games that require a wager. Ensure you don't get too excited about the prospect of winning that you stake more than what you can afford to lose. 

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the next post!

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