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Free Guest Posting Websites to Boost Your DA

(Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links meaning I get a commission for recommending the products to you guys. Read full disclaimer here).

If you are a blogger, you know how hard it is to rank on Goggle and boost your DA. There is a fierce competition in the blogging space that most bloggers end up giving up when there is no result. Asides from the fact that millions of blog posts spring up every day, the race to the top spots of Google search results (SERPs) mostly favors sites with high authority. So, if you're a new site joining the race, you would have a hard time competing against the big shots and getting free guest posting.

Building domain authority can take several months to a year, and if you don't have the patience, you might throw in the towel and move on to something else. But if you choose to stick around and slug it out, eventually, you'd begin to gain visibility in the SERPs and get some traffic.

But what if you don't have to wait several months to see any sign of success? What if you could build your domain authority quicker and lay claim to juicy spots on the SERPs (position 1-3)? You could, and the best way to achieve these is through free guest posting.

What is Guest Posting?

The concept of free guest posting is simple – publish content on other blogs, embed links pointing back to your site, and get the full benefits of these backlinks.

Free guest posting allows you to build links much faster, and these links will help shoot up your domain authority quickly. How does that work? Backlinks are a crucial ranking factor because when other authority sites link back to you, they give a vote of confidence that you are a credible, trustworthy, and rankable source. Google takes notice, and the algorithms begin to treat your site differently.

Now, when you get tens and hundreds of authority domains linking back to you, not only will your domain authority increase, you will find your blog ranking for keywords on page one. And that is why guest posting is a great and effective strategy for boosting your DA and growing your blog.

Several bloggers skyrocketed their domain authority through free guest posting and began to enjoy blogging success early on. One notable blogger is Adam Enfroy, who committed to publishing tons of guest posts on high DA sites in his niche and made six figures in the first year of blogging. Today, the blog earns almost half a million dollars in revenue. If Adam could do it, you can too!

Now let's look at the benefits of guest posting in more detail.

What Are the Benefits of Guest Posting?

Boost Your Domain Authority

This is, perhaps, the number one reason most bloggers guest post. As we mentioned earlier, when you write a guest post for another blog, you will embed links pointing back to your site.

These links pass some authority from that site to your site. In blogging terminology, it is called link juice. The more guest posts you write, the more domain authority you have; that's how it works.

But there's a caveat. The referring domains you choose must have “true authority” if you want to see any positive results in your guest posting strategy. The internet is rife with spammy websites that will add no benefit to your site, and these sites may implicate yours and cause problems with Google. Steer clear of these domains for your guest posts.

When guest posting, avoid sites that:

  • Write thin content
  • Have a terrible backlink profile
  • Have little or no traffic
  • With high but questionable traffic
  • Violate Google's policies

There's more to consider, but these are the most important factors.

Get Referral Traffic

Referral traffic refers to visitors that come from another website. When you write guest posts for other websites with high DA and traffic, you can start getting traffic to your blog early. You don't have to wait to get out of the Sandbox.

The possibilities are limitless when you have real people visiting your blog. You can build an email list, sell a course, monetize with ads, etc.

And guess what? Google can see that you're getting traffic, and if you have great content that leads to great engagement metrics, you will begin to show up in the SERPs soon. That metric tells Google that people love your content enough to kick back and enjoy every bit of it. So if you haven't taken guest posting seriously before, you might want to start now.

Build Lasting Relationships

Not many people consider this benefit in their guest posting strategy. For most people, it's all about the backlink and traffic they can get, but that's a myopic approach. There's more to this blogging thing, and relationships make the journey easier, more fun, and more productive.

Bloggers who have never met before have become friends and formed formidable alliances that stemmed from one guest post outreach. Others have built communities (like The Insiders) and found solace because community members help one another achieve more.

You must realize that you can achieve more when you work with other people, and the possibilities are countless through strategic partnerships. Also, if you haven't already noticed, bogging can be a lonely and challenging experience, whether you're starting or doing it full-time. It would help if you had people who understand what you do and support you.

So, when you begin sending guest post requests to the following sites, we recommend not focusing on the links and traffic; see how you can foster long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Popular Websites for Free Guest Posting

The following list features some of the best referring domains for free guest posting. There are a mix of high authority and mid-range domains to choose from. They are categorized, so you can jump to the section that covers your blog niche.

Personal Finance

Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom has been around since 2007; that's 15 years of brand reputation and authority you can benefit from. If you have a personal finance blog that covers any topic from making money, managing money, growing income, and budgeting, you can send a guest post to this blog.

Submit a free guest post to Money Saving Mom here. Before filling out the form, read the guest post guidelines thoroughly and understand the requirements. Keep in mind that there's no guarantee your post will be published, so make it count. Write a post they cannot reject!

Metrics: Moz DA: 66 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 197,000

Income Diary

This website also has an aged domain with high authority and traffic you can benefit from. Income Diary receives millions of visitors to their site every year, and if there's a chance you can get 1% of that traffic from them, why not?

Visit their submission page to contact them with your pitch/article. The best part is that you could get paid for contributing content to their website and get a byline. Isn't that amazing! Don't sleep on this if you have a personal finance blog.

Metrics: Moz DA: 57 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 96,000

Health and Wellness

Well-being Secrets

If you have a blog in the health niche, you NEED tons of links pointing back to your site before Google trusts you enough to rank your content. And the reason is that your content can affect people's lives. To win Google's trust fast, send guest posts to sites like Well-being Secrets. They entertain pitches and will publish your work if it meets their criteria.

The requirements include long-form content, citations, and content that focuses on their audience demographic – women between 18 and 35 years old.

Metrics: Moz DA: 50 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 10,000


This health website welcomes contributions from anybody who has expertise within the health industry. If you want to guest post on this high authority site, you should be a professional in a health-related field. If you're not a professional, consider getting a licensed professional who can write and pitch the content on your behalf.

Metrics Moz DA: 86 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 9.2 million



If you love traveling and documenting experiences, BoardingArea will love to share some of it on their blog. Take advantage of this niche-focused high DA website by submitting content they can't refuse. Start here.

Metrics: Moz DA: 62 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 1.2 million


Here's another travel blog that accepts free guest posts from bloggers with travel content that inspires awe and wonder. You can even earn money when you contribute content to this site. Visit the submission page to make your pitch.

Metrics: Moz DA 50 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 14,000



If you blog about digital marketing, automation tools, marketing strategies, etc., Hubspot is an excellent place for free guest posting. Their reputation is undisputed, and they have high domain authority. With a site like Hubspot linking back to you, you have something to brag about. You can even put an “As seen on HubSpot” banner on your homepage, and your readers will see you in a different light.

Top brands like this usually have strict guidelines, so you have to make your pitch and submission badass. See the guidelines.

Metric: Moz DA: 92 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 43 million

Social Media Examiner

This is another heavyweight in the marketing space; a backlink from Social Media Examiner will boost your domain authority. While they are always searching for new contributors, they are selective (again, as expected). Understand what they publish and what they're looking for before submitting a pitch

You need to have a personal LinkedIn profile to submit the form.

Metrics: Moz DA: 80 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 896,000

Pole Position Marketing

“Do you have what it takes?” You will see this heading on the “write for us” page. Don't feel intimated; let it spur you instead. Follow their guidelines, and don't be surprised if you have to go through several rounds of revisions.

Metrics: Moz DA: 46 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 12,000



The technology space is competitive, but you can stand out with the right amount of content and authority links pointing to your site.

TechCrunch is one of the leading tech companies globally, and their links will give your tech website a massive boost. There are no guidelines for free guest posting here; you'd have to contact them to find out—email [email protected].

Metrics: Moz DA: 93 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 13 million

The Technoverts

The Technoverts offer an opportunity to earn free backlinks when you create content for them. Compared to the other options on this list, it is relatively easy to get published on this blog. Get the guidelines here, and when you're ready, create a member account by locating the sign-in icon at the top of the website.

Metrics: Moz DA 36 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 5,000

Extreme Tech

ExtremeTech covers everything from computers to phones, gaming, and more. It's an ideal place to submit your guest post and receive high-quality links. Read their submission tips and pitch a topic they can't refuse.

Metrics: Moz DA: 88 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 1.6 million



OffBeatBride is a great place for free guest posting if you've niched down to weddings. You can still benefit from this website if you have a broader fashion niche; you only have to create content that appeals to them. See their guidelines.

Metrics: Moz DA 77 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 273,000

College Fashion

College Fashion is currently looking for contributors to their site; you could be one of them. Be prepared to write long-form content (2000+) twice each month. This opportunity is available for college students and recent grads.

Metrics: Moz DA 65 | SimilarWeb Traffic: 323,000

There are many more fantastic sites that offers free guest posting; here's a quick look at some other categories:

Tips for Free Guest Posting

Pitch value, not desperation: We know guest posts will benefit you, but don't lead with that. Think about the other websites and how you can benefit them. Your pitch should focus on them, not you.

Identify the website audience: Remember that you're writing for another website audience? Ensure your content provides real value for them.

Choose a mind-blowing topic: You want to choose a topic the website hasn't covered in-depth and be creative with it. If you have no inspiration on a topic, you have to go out and find your inspiration for blog post ideas.

Write excellent content: Your best posts should be your guest posts. You want to impress the website owner and also captivate a new audience. Without hassle, you will draw readers to your site if you hit the jackpot.

Write a great bio: Your bio will speak for you at the end of every guest post; make it count! Put your best foot forward, sell yourself, and be convincing.

Final Thoughts

Guest posting is one of the best and easiest ways to build your profile, boost your domain authority, and create valuable connections with other bloggers. There shouldn't be any excuses for your low DA. It might be hard to grow as a new blogger, but as long as you don't give up, anything is possible. You have a list of sites asking for you to pitch them so give it a shot. Good luck! I can't wait to see you grow as an amazing blogger.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the next post!

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