20 Good Habits To Adopt in Your 20s To Improve Your Life

Your 20s are the perfect time to become the person you want to be. They’re a pivotal time in your life, and the habits and routines you form during this decade could stick with you forever. The following are twenty good habits that you should adopt during your 20s to improve your life. 

1. Create an Exercise Routine

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Exercising might seem easy in your 20s, but it becomes more difficult as you age. Adopting a regular exercise routine in your younger years ensures you continue receiving the benefits of regular exercise for many years. 

2. Adopt a Healthy Diet

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Many young people have poor diets during their 20s, especially during the early 20s. As a college student, you may be unable to afford to eat as healthily as you should and may often opt for fast food or microwavable meals. However, adopting a healthy, balanced diet in your 20s makes you less likely to have any serious health complications associated with poor diet or weight gain. 

3. Be Proactive With Your Healthcare

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Many people in their 20s don’t go to the doctor as often as they should. However, getting a regular checkup from your doctor rules out any potential problems before they become an issue. Making this an annual or biannual checkup is one of the best habits you can adopt. 

4. Maintain Close Friendships

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Navigating friendships becomes much more difficult during your 20s. Some friends have moved away, you’re reaching milestones at different times, and everyone’s life has become busy and challenging. But if you can maintain these friendships, you will have a better chance of keeping them long-term. 

5. Drink Enough Water

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People in their 20s will likely reach for coffee or soda over water. But water is essential for your body to function well. Water consumption impacts your energy levels and mood. Staying hydrated also prevents kidney stones and headaches and helps with weight loss. 

6. Pay Attention to The News 

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Being informed and updated on what’s happening around you is an excellent habit to adopt in your 20s. Listen to local, national, and international news, and sign up for news magazines and sites that publish unbiased and informative information about what’s going on in the world.

7. Plan a Grocery Budget

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Grocery shopping is a huge expense and one that should be tackled wisely. In your 20s, you’ve set out on your own and must make responsible choices about spending your money. Adopt setting a grocery budget and preparing a list that fits your budget. It’ll make a huge difference in your monthly spending. 

8. Volunteer

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Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. Many people get so caught up with establishing themselves during their 20s that they don’t realize the importance of taking a break to give back and help others. While you’re young and have more free time to offer, get into the habit of volunteering. 

9. Save for a Rainy Day

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There’s no such thing as being too young to save. Though many young people are still trying to pay off student loans and aren’t making as much money as they’d like, it’s important to get into the habit of saving for a rainy day. Life is so unpredictable; you could be young and carefree in one moment and then saddled with a massive debt in the next. 

10. Be Punctual 

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First impressions are everything. Being punctual makes a great first impression, whether at a job interview, a date, or a networking event. Adopting this habit during your 20s will make it much easier to maintain in the future. 

11. Public Speaking

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Many people find public speaking terrifying, yet you never know when you’ll be in a situation where you’re called on to speak to a group. But if you practice it while you’re still in your 20s, you can overcome your fear and feel more confident when presenting to large groups or at events. 

12. Limit Social Media Use

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Social media apps were designed to keep you scrolling, which can be highly detrimental to your mental health. Surveys have shown that about 40% of Americans 18 to 22 years old believe they have an addiction to social media. Your 20s are the perfect time to adopt a healthy relationship with the virtual world. 

13. Go to Therapy Regularly 

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Your 20s are a challenging decade with several major life changes. It’s also the perfect time to prioritize your mental health. Regular therapy can help you to understand and navigate the changes and new relationship dynamics in your life. 

14. Create a Daily Schedule

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Many people complain about feeling lost or disorganized during the day but don’t have a daily schedule. A daily schedule helps you plan your days and ensure priority tasks get done. Adopting this habit in your 20s will set you up to be more productive in the future. 

15. Create a Healthy Sleep Schedule

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People often stress the importance of sleep for kids, but it’s just as important that adults get adequate sleep. During your 20s, you’re getting your first taste of what it’s like to manage adult responsibilities, and that includes getting a good night’s rest. Developing good sleep hygiene in your 20s will create a routine that lasts you a lifetime. 

16. Adopt a Hobby 

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What makes you feel alive? Hobbies enrich your life by letting you take a break from your responsibilities and channel your energy into something you love. During your 20s, you learn so much about yourself and what you like; it’s the perfect time to adopt a hobby.  

17. Invest Your Money

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Investing money is one of the best financial habits you could adopt in your 20s. No one regrets building their investment portfolio from a young age, but many people regret waiting until they were older. You don’t need to be rich to invest your money. Do your research, get professional advice, and start investing for your future. 

18. Prepare Homecooked Meals

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Cooking for yourself is an excellent habit to develop in your 20s. It saves you money, gives you more control over the ingredients in your meals, and allows you to learn something new. Cooking is a valuable skill that every person in their 20s should practice. 

19. Practice Vulnerability

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Vulnerability isn’t easy. Being open and honest with the people in your life takes a lot of practice, confidence, and willingness to connect with others. If you want to be a more open and authentic person, you should make it a habit to be more vulnerable from a young age. 

20. Reduce Alcohol Consumption 

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Alcohol abuse is prevalent among people in their 20s. According to the 2022 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 16.4% of adults ages 18 to 25 met the criteria for alcohol use disorder. One good habit to adopt is limiting alcohol consumption. If you can curb your alcohol intake while you’re young, you’re more likely to be able to maintain this in the future.


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