18 Underrated Skills That Enrich Your Life

Everyone has their own unique set of skills. However, there are specific valuable and practical skills that everyone should consider learning. The following are the top eighteen overlooked skills that could make your life much easier.

1. First Aid

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First aid isn't reserved for people who work in the medical field. Knowing how to treat minor injuries or stabilize someone until the paramedics arrive can save lives. A basic understanding of first aid equips you with the knowledge to deal with emergencies. It can make a huge difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

2. CPR

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Many believe that CPR is a skill only lifeguards, EMTs, or healthcare professionals should know. But imagine how many lives could be saved if everyone learned how to perform CPR properly. It's an essential skill that makes a huge difference in a crisis.

3. Heimlich

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How would you react if someone started choking? The Heimlich maneuver is a crucial skill that can prevent a tragedy. Choking can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and knowing how to perform the Heimlich could mean the difference between life and death.

4. Swimming

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When you think of swimming, you'll likely think of it as a fun summertime activity. However, it's also a life-saving skill. Knowing how to swim can keep you and those around you safe whenever you're at the beach, in a pool, or on a boat. Everyone should be taught how to swim from a young age.

5. Map Reading

reading a map
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Do you know how to read a physical map? With GPS available on most cell phones, traditional map reading might seem outdated. However, what would happen if your phone died or if you found yourself in an area with no service? Map reading is a skill that will help you navigate your way to safety without relying on electronics.

6. Basic Bandaging

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Cuts, scrapes, and other injuries are common, and knowing how to properly bandage a wound is essential for everyone. Whether you have a minor household accident or are involved in a serious injury, being able to apply a bandage correctly can reduce the risk of infection and protect the wound until you get professional care.

7. Storytelling 

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The art of storytelling isn't reserved for writers only. Good storytelling is crucial for giving presentations, writing reports, sharing a personal story, or just relating events to a friend. The ability to tell a compelling story can make a huge difference by keeping those you're speaking to engaged and leaving a lasting impression.

8. Car Maintenance

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You don't need to be a mechanic to know how to maintain your vehicle. Checking the oil and water and jump-starting your vehicle are some of the basics you need to learn if you own a vehicle. Having a basic understanding of car maintenance will extend the life of your vehicle and save you money on trips to the mechanic.

9. Conflict Resolution

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How do you deal with conflict? People often get into issues with others simply because they lack effective conflict-resolution strategies. Whether it's a disagreement at work, a family issue, or an argument between friends, handling conflicts can improve relationships and create a more peaceful environment.

10. Unclogging a Toilet 

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Clogged toilets are a lot more common than you realize. Knowing what to do and how to resolve a clogged toilet is a basic skill that everyone should learn. Not only will this mean you can move on with your day without having to forfeit bathroom use, but it will also save you from having to call a plumber for a simple issue.

11. Sewing 

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Sewing is a skill that was once highly valued. Knowing how to fix a loose button or a slight tear in your clothing is essential if you want to extend your clothes' life and avoid constant trips to a tailor.

12. Penmanship 

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Good penmanship might seem old-fashioned, but it's still extremely important. Though many people spend much more time on their devices than before, having legible handwriting could make your life much easier. Whether taking notes, writing a letter, or filling out a form, you should never be the only one who can understand your handwriting.

13. Knot Tying 

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Not tying isn't just for Boy Scouts. This is an essential skill that can be extremely useful in many scenarios. Whether you are camping, boating, or doing simple household tasks, knowing a basic knot can help you secure heavy loads, hang items, and assist in an emergency situation.

14. Active Listening 

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Communication is a two-way street, and though many people know how to speak, not many know how to listen actively. Active listening means understanding and engaging with your speaker rather than just hearing what they're saying. This skill can improve your personal and professional relationships and help you be more empathetic and an effective communicator.

15. Building a Fire

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Many people think knowing how to build a fire is unnecessary. However, it is a valuable survival skill in an emergency situation. Fires provide warmth, a way to prepare food, and a signal for help if necessary.

16. Cooking 

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Everyone needs to know how to prepare a meal for themselves. Cooking is an essential skill that can improve your health, save money, and allow you to provide for your friends and family. Though not everyone can be a gourmet chef, knowing how to prepare a few basic meals could make a massive difference in your daily life.

17. Changing a Tire

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Have you ever been stranded by the side of the road with a flat tire? While there's nothing fun or exciting about getting out of your car and changing a tire, knowing how to do it ensures you won't have to rely on anyone else for help. Plus, it will save time since you won't need to wait for roadside assistance, getting you back on track quickly.

18. Touch Typing 

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In the current digital landscape, touch typing is such an essential skill. The ability to use a computer without staring down at the keyboard ensures you can efficiently complete your basic computer tasks in less time, increasing your productivity. Also, if you work long hours in front of a computer, it reduces the strain on your hands and wrists.


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