18 Lessons You’ll Soon Discover at The Age of 25

1. Enjoy Your Own Company

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You don’t need a lot of friends to hang out with every day. It’s not necessary to be around people all the time. You learn down the road that having your alone time is a blessing, and it puts you at peace. Do you know why? There is less stress and drama you don’t have to deal with, which is great for your mental health. 

2. Self-care is a Priority 

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Self care should never be neglected. Having time to take care of yourself is a must. If you don't learn to take care of yourself, you will regret it later in the future. Your mental and physical health is important so you should do your utmost best to take care of yourself. 

3. Sleep is your Friend 

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You probably love to stay up late playing games, watching your shows, or scrolling through TikTok, but going to bed is the best feeling ever. It keeps you comfy and recharges you for the next day. You learn to love sleep since being an adult exhausts you to the core. 

4. You're Halfway to 50

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You are a quarter of a century old, which also means you are halfway to 50. Time moves fast, so you should take this opportunity to do all the things you have been dreaming about. You can’t go back in time, but you can only move forward. 

5. Your Time is Valuable 

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As you get older, you learn how important time is. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but not everyone uses it the same way. You’ll learn that you can’t go back; you only have to move forward. Once you see how valuable your time is, you learn how to spend it. 

6. Health is your Biggest Asset 

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If you aren’t healthy, you can’t do anything. Your health goes a long way, so it should always be your priority. When you feel something is wrong, you should always go check it out whether it’s a minor or major. 

7. Mistakes are Normal 

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After failing and making mistakes, you’ll realize it’s perfectly normal to make mistakes. You grow, and you learn. You are human, so it’s normal for you to fail. It’s not the end of the world if you fail because people make mistakes all the time. Without mistakes, how will there be improvements?

8. Focusing on Yourself 

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You’ll realize in your 20s it’s the best time to take risks and focus on yourself. Your 20s are for you to explore things for yourself. You’ll realize things you didn’t know about yourself. It is your era to find yourself and explore your inner self. 

9. Finding Peace

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When you have been through all the ups and downs, all you want is to find peace for yourself. Everyone loves to find peace for themselves. Less drama means less stress. You’ll realize you enjoy the slow and peaceful environment and you don’t need a lot of things to bring you stress or anxiety. 

10. People Get Marry 

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When you hit a certain age or era, people grow up and get married and it’s normal. It is the time to find your soulmate and have a family. You aren’t getting any younger, and your parents probably want to be grandparents. 

11. Birthdays are Not Great 

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As a kid, you love to celebrate your birthday, but when you are a lot older, you dread it because you are getting old. Every month and year goes by so fast that you don’t want to keep counting anymore. 

12. Your Body Changes 

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Running and bending down seem to stress the body out. When you are younger, you can do a lot of things with your healthy body, but slowly, your body starts to change and feel different. You want to be careful and not overexert yourself because you can fall, sprain something, or even break a bone. 

13. Being Tired is Normal 

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All the energy you seem to have as a kid seems like it’s all gone. You are always tired and never have enough energy in a day. You love to sleep, and sleep makes you happy. No matter how much sleep you get, you are always exhausted. Being tired all the time is normal because your energy level is not high anymore. 

14. Saving Money is Important 

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You can’t rely on your parents to give you your retirement account. You have to start saving for when you are older. Who is going to take care of you when you are older? 

15. Metabolism Starts to Slow Down 

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Food is everyone’s weakness, but when you get older, everything seems to slow down like your metabolism. Eating healthy and exercising will help you keep your body going. You can’t just eat whatever you want unless you want to destroy your health. 

16. Time to Chase Your Dream 

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Whatever it is you wanted to achieve a long time ago, it is time to do so. Even if you feel ancient at 25, you are still young. You don’t have everything figured out, but it’s okay because you get to explore. 

17. Wrinkles will Not Go Away

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Having smooth skin with no wrinkles must be nice, but when you are 25, you start to see it forming little by little. You can’t reverse it or do anything about it unless you get Botox or take care of your skin. 

18. Adulting is Terrible

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When you hit 25, you feel more mature compared to 18. You start to have more responsibility, and you have to know a lot of things in life. Life skills, for example. You have or should know how to cook, pay bills, clean your space, run errands, and more. The list goes on and on. 

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