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18 Common Things People Buy But Rarely Use

Have you ever wondered how many things you've bought but hardly ever used? With the popularity of online shopping, it's now easier than ever to go on a shopping spree from the comfort of your home. Sometimes, you may buy things with the best intentions, only to see them packed away, collecting dust in a corner. The following are eighteen everyday things people buy but rarely use.

1. Home Gym Equipment 

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Home gym equipment is the epitome of abandoned New Year's resolutions. That new treadmill that was supposed to get you marathon-ready is now a rack for hanging clothes. The weights are probably tucked away somewhere in your garage, and you likely can't find that resistance band. The most exercise the average person gets from home gym equipment is walking past them every day.

2. Planners and Journals

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You buy a planner with the dream of becoming the most productive, well-organized version of yourself. You start strong, but the excitement of planning your life on those crisp, clean pages typically wears off after a few days. Then you're left with a stack of beautiful, empty books you can no longer use because the dates have already passed. 

3. Bread Maker 

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A bread maker may seem like a genius investment for anyone going through an artisan bread phase. But after a few loaves, the novelty quickly wears off, and you remember the convenience of store-bought bread. The breadmaker then sits, collecting dust, waiting for the next time you're inspired to make homemade sourdough. 

4. Cookbooks 

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Everyone wishes they could prepare gourmet, Instagram-worthy dinners and desserts from the comfort of their kitchen. You may have even invested in a few cookbooks to help you achieve that goal. But where are they now? Likely on a shelf, being used as kitchen decor while you default to your favorite five dishes. 

5. Cable Subscription 

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With several different streaming services available, doesn't cable feel like a relic? So many people sign up for cable to tune in to one specific channel. However, the cable subscription is ignored once the season ends or the series finale has aired.

6. Extended Warranty 

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Companies love promising peace of mind with an extended warranty. But has an extended warranty ever been useful? Chances are, in the event something does go wrong, your warranty has already expired or doesn't cover that particular issue.

7. Juicer

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If you've ever been on a juice cleanse, liquid diet, or raw juice kick, you probably bought into the idea that you needed a juicer. But that healthy lifestyle overhaul probably only lasted as long as it took to clean out the pulp from the juicer. Now, it's just another appliance taking up valuable counter space. 

8. Musical Instruments

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Have you ever had the sudden urge to learn to play an instrument? It's actually really common. Whether during college, a mid-life crisis, or a random day at the mall, purchasing a musical instrument you don't know how to play is typically a waste of money. It'll likely be packed away untouched and unplayed. 

9. Travel Accessories

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Frequent travelers often try to convince you that you need several travel accessories to make the most of any trip. But gimmicky travel accessories like passport wallets, money belts, and DSLR cameras are often used for one trip and then forgotten around the home.

10. Souvenirs 

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Souvenirs are meant to be tangible memories from your trip, but how many do you really need? While they're intended to create fond memories, you'll probably pack them in storage and forget about them. 

11. Foot Spa

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Foot spas promise you a spa-quality pedicure from the comfort of your home. But between the tedious setup, hauling water through your home, and the time spent cleaning up, it will likely find a home at the back of your closet. 

12. Online Subscriptions 

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How many subscriptions do you currently have? Gone are the days of one-time purchases; several businesses are transitioning to subscription-based business models. It's easy to sign up for free trials and forget about them until you see the charges on your bank statement. 

13. Language Learning Apps

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If you've ever signed up for a language learning app, you can relate to the initial excitement. It feels like an investment at first, but after a while, the daily notifications become increasingly nagging as your interest fades. 

14. Craft Supplies

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If you're a DIY-er, you know how easy it is to accumulate unnecessary craft supplies. You head to the craft shop for one thing but return home with several rolls of washi tape, yarn, and scrapbook paper you don't need. You might convince yourself you'll eventually use it, but it's more likely these supplies will remain in your craft drawer until it's time to do some spring cleaning. 

15. Books 

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Books are often optimistic purchases. You go to the bookstore and return with several books from your ‘to be read' list, but sometimes, buying books is more about having them than reading them. No matter how well-intentioned you are, several books become decorative pieces in your home library. 

16. Gardening Tools 

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Buying gardening tools isn't a wise investment unless you're a dedicated plant lover. After a few attempts at tending to your garden, chances are your gardening tools will be left to rest in your garage or shed. 

17. Party Supplies 

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How often do you reuse party supplies? Post-party, trying to salvage some of the decorations and unused supplies is common. But you'll likely store them in a box of other slightly used birthday banners and a growing plastic tablecloth collection and completely forget about them.

18. Board Games

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You might purchase a few board games hoping to have family game nights or screen-free fun with friends. But after a few exciting games, they're usually forgotten and tucked away in storage until the internet is down. 


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