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17 Luxury Things Most People Will Never Be Able To Afford

When you’re rich, you can afford to buy the things you want, but what about everyone else? Living a life of luxury might be a dream for many people. But there are some things that you can’t afford when living on a budget. The following are seventeen luxury purchases most people wish they could afford. 

1. Fine Dining 

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Fine-dining restaurants have an air of luxury that you can’t replicate. Many wealthy people patronize fine-dining restaurants for the experience and quality of the meal. While many love the idea of eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant, it isn’t an experience the average person can afford.

2. Personal Chauffeur

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When you’re wealthy, time is money, and you need to make the most of your time. The average person spends several hours weekly commuting to and from various destinations. Hiring a personal chauffeur is a luxury that allows you to maximize your downtime, but the average person can’t afford it. 

3. Fine Jewelry 

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Expensive jewelry made with gold, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones isn’t a necessity. Most people love jewelry but admit they could live without it. While the wealthy often wear jewelry from luxury brands, the average person can only afford the more affordable pieces.

4. Gourmet Coffee

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If you’re a coffee lover, you probably have a cup or two daily. While making regular coffee at home would save thousands of dollars a year, many wealthy people prefer to enjoy gourmet coffee to start their day. Some choose to purchase coffee from a coffee shop, while others invest in gourmet coffee grounds and high-tech coffee makers. But for the average person who needs a quick caffeine boost, a plain cup of coffee is all the budget allows. 

5. Vacation Home

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Wealthy people invest in real estate in areas they enjoy vacationing. However, many people can’t afford a home in the current housing market. Buying a vacation home is a luxury that most will never be able to afford. 

6. Private Club Membership

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Exclusive private clubs have existed for centuries. People generally prefer socializing with others with the same lifestyles and careers, making member’s clubs very popular. While many often wish they could join one of these exclusive clubs and experience life among the rich and famous, the membership fees are too exorbitant for the average person. 

7. Premium Gadgets 

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Every year, tech companies release new gadgets with slightly better specs and a much larger price tag. While rich people can splurge on the flagship products, the average person has to settle for a mid-range version. 

8. Household Staff 

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Have there ever been moments where you wish you had someone around to help out with work, housekeeping, or errands? Everyone wishes they could hire help to make their lives just a little easier. While this might be the norm for the more affluent, the average person has to manage alone. 

9. Name-Brand Clothing

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While many expensive clothing brands are of higher quality than department store brands, the price tag is more about the name than the product itself. While wealthy people don’t mind spending just to own an item from a specific designer, the average person can’t afford to splurge just for the sake of owning luxury brand clothing. 

10. Yacht

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If you’ve ever been on a yacht, you know how fun and glamorous they can be. Some are outfitted with a private cinema, wine cellar, submerged viewing room, and cigar lounge. While many wealthy people invest in their own personal yachts, spending time on a yacht would be a memorable occasion for the average person.

11. Limited Edition Products 

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Limited edition products come with a price tag that proves it. They’re sold at a much higher cost than the original products since they’re marketed as collector’s items. While most people would want to experience the excitement of owning limited edition products, the cost is often too much to justify. 

12. Personal Chef 

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Do you love luxury meals but don’t want to prepare them yourself? Imagine having someone available to prepare meals for private parties and everyday dining. The super-wealthy can afford personal chefs, but to the average person, it’s unattainable. 

13. Luxury Watches

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Many wealthy people view luxury watches as an investment or status symbol. They purchase watches that are worth thousands of dollars and add them to their ever-growing collection. However, to the average person, a watch is typically more of a necessity and is chosen based on function, not brand or resale value. 

14. Art Collection 

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Collecting art is an investment as well as a hobby among those who can afford it. Many wealthy people have impressive art collections with pieces worth millions of dollars. The average person can only imagine having such high-end art around their home.

15. Expensive Cars 

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Luxury car collections are common among the wealthy, and many affluent people have a fleet of expensive cars parked in their garages. However, with the increasing cost of vehicles and auto insurance, purchasing a single vehicle is an investment for the average person. Buying a fleet of expensive cars is a luxury most will only dream of. 

16. Personal Trainer 

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to maintain their physique? The more affluent people don’t rely on their knowledge or determination to maintain their physical fitness; they hire trainers to push them to achieve their goals. While they can source the help of a personal trainer, the average person can’t afford to hire a trainer on top of already paying for a gym membership. 

17. Private Jet

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Who wouldn’t want to travel on their own private plane? Wealthy people invest in private jets to enjoy their privacy, have a comfortable flying experience, and catch up on work, while most people hardly ever fly first class. With private jets costing millions of dollars on average, it’s a luxury most can only dream of. 


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