17 Jobs That Are Surprisingly More Enjoyable Than You Realize

Every little kid has big dreams about what they'd like to be when they grow up– astronauts, teachers, actors, and even YouTubers. But once you join the job market as an adult, those dreams don't often come true. While some jobs are usually in the spotlight as exciting careers, others are underestimated. Here are seventeen jobs that are more enjoyable than you realize.

1. Research Scientist

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Being a research scientist might sound complicated and boring to some, but it's actually a gratifying and exciting career. People in this industry are at the forefront of cutting-edge discoveries that could change the world. They are satisfied knowing that their work contributes to society's greater good. 

2. Consultant

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Consulting sounds like a career filled with endless meetings and PowerPoint presentations, but those who have worked as consultants know how exciting it can be. Consultants are the thought leaders of their field who get to travel, meet new people, and use their knowledge and experience in various projects and opportunities. 

3. Kindergarten Teacher

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Educating little ones can be challenging, but it's also enriching. Kindergarten teachers are responsible for shaping the minds of the next generation. They get to spend their day seeing a small child grow, learn, and develop new skills; the excitement from that is immeasurable. 

4. Journalist

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There's a misconception that journalist just report the news. But these people are going out into the world, uncovering hidden stories, and giving voices to the voiceless. The real thrill of being a journalist is the satisfaction of shedding light on the truth to the public.

5. Gardener

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Being a gardener might sound like a dream career to a plant lover, but it seems rather boring to others. Gardeners get immense excitement and satisfaction from tending to their plants, watching the gardens they've planted grow, and helping to shape nature into something beautiful. 

6. Librarian 

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There's a stereotype that librarians are quiet, bookish ladies with thick glasses and long skirts, but being a librarian can be an exciting career. Librarians play a crucial role in the community. They help foster a love of reading among the younger generation, help people find the information they need, and help organize bookish programs for the community. 

7. Caretaker to the Elderly 

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There's something gratifying about caring for older adults. While it might not seem like an exciting career to an outsider, those who work in elder care understand how deeply meaningful the bond formed with those in their care can become. Their carers get to listen to older adults' wisdom and stories while helping provide them with comfort and care.

8. Book Editor

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Editing is an incredibly challenging step in the book-writing process. However, this does not mean that being an editor isn't exciting and fulfilling. Editors help writers shape their writing into the best possible version and are an intrinsic part of getting a potential best-seller into readers' hands. 

9. Barista 

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Many people imagine that service jobs aren't exciting, but many people who have worked as baristas have had great experiences. The daily interactions with customers, the artistry in creating lattes, and the shop's relaxing environment all contribute to the excitement of the job. 

10. Stay-at-Home Parent

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Every parent can attest to how rewarding it is to be a stay-at-home parent. While it's definitely a challenging job, it's also inspiring. Watching your children grow, learn, and become independent is a unique experience many don't enjoy.

11. Tour Guide 

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Some people think being a tour guide is monotonous, but it's really exciting. As a tour guide, you get to explore fascinating places, meet new people from all over the world, and share your love of history and culture. While it might include showing the same places over and over, every tour is unique. 

12. Wildlife Photographer

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There are many downsides to being a wildlife photographer—the weather, bugs, natural disasters, lack of proper medical care, dangerous terrains, and more. But the downsides don't overshadow the excitement of this career. Wildlife photographers do an incredible job of capturing nature and wildlife in ways that most people can only dream of. Plus, their work contributes to raising awareness of endangered creatures and conserving their natural habitats. 

13. Bus Driver 

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Being a bus driver might not be the first job on your list of exciting careers, but there's so much about this job to appreciate. Interactions with passengers and the joy of providing reliable service make this a rewarding career path. Bus drivers are an important part of every community. 

14. Chef

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Many people don't understand that being a chef is more than just cooking food. The creativity and craftsmanship of creating a unique menu and dishes is an art form. The excitement and enjoyment chefs receive from seeing people enjoy their meals is immeasurable. 

15. Janitor

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Janitorial work might seem boring and monotonous, but it's surprisingly exciting and fulfilling. The excitement of transforming a space into a clean and safe environment for others fills the janitorial staff with pride. 

16. Farmer

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Farming isn't easy; it's backbreaking work but gratifying for those in the industry. There's an immense sense of pride in growing food, harvesting crops, and connecting with the land. Farmers are an intrinsic part of society, and their contribution cannot go unnoticed.

17. Funeral Director 

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Being a funeral director isn't a glamorous career but an essential job. Funeral directors pride themselves on providing families and friends with a way to say goodbye to their loved ones one last time and see them as they used to be. It's exciting and meaningful to provide families with a sense of comfort and support during such difficult times. 


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