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17 Guilty Pleasure Snacks That Just Make One Smile

Having a healthy diet is important, but sometimes you need to splurge and treat yourself to something good. That is why people have pleasurable snacks or food they love to eat without feeling guilty. Food is the key to making the heart happy, so it’s okay to cheat sometimes. 

1. Popcorn 

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Snuggling up with a horror movie and a bowl of popcorn seems like a dream come true. When you bite into a popped kernel, you love the crunchy texture. The sound and the feeling of crunchy food make it tasty and enjoyable. 

2. Oreo

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Oreo is one of the best and most addictive cookies to snack on. It doesn’t matter the time of day; people will snack on it in the morning or at night. Oreo has various flavors and tastes good with a lot of things. 

3. Ice Cream

ice cream
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You probably heard that people tend to eat ice cream when they are sad. When you feel down, you want to eat something delicious that will help change your mood, and ice cream can always cheer you up. It helps you escape negative emotions and soothe your mood. 

4. Chicken Nugget 

chicken nugget
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There is nothing better than snacking on some chicken nuggets. It is a quick and easy snack on the go when you are craving something. It is a favorite go-to snack for both kids and adult since it is easy to prepare, convenient, and go with other food. 

5. Pizza

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Eating pizza in the middle of the night tastes so much better at night than any other time of the day. It’s not good for you to eat before bed, but the temptation always gets the best of you. Many people love eating pizza because it’s tasty, hot, and delicious, and it fills you up. 

6. Fries

Fries taste so good, no matter the seasoning. It doesn't matter if you dip in ranch, BBQ, ketchup, they taste so delicious that it's hard to stop. They are easy to eat, salty, crunchy, soft, and cheap. They have a flavor that it’s hard to refuse once you see them. 

7. Waffle 

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Waffles make an enjoyable breakfast, brunch, or dessert, but they are also guilty pleasure foods. They give you a sense of nostalgia because waffles are often eaten together. They also have a unique exterior texture with a soft and fluffy interior, making it satisfying to eat. 

8. Nachos

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It’s a simple mix of chips and cheese, but it is tempting and addicting. You don’t stop after a few bites because they are irresistible and delicious. With every bite, you get a combination of crunchy, gooey, and saucy, which enhance the flavor. 

9. Milkshake 

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Similar to ice cream, milkshakes offer a delightful flavor experience. With various flavors, you have many options to satisfy your taste buds. Their rich and creamy texture and other flavors make them so delicious that they put you in a better mood. 

10. Mac and Cheese

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The rich and creamy texture of mac and cheese makes one drool over this dish. You just want to pick up a fork and dig in when you see the hot and steamy dish full of cheese. This food is always everyone's favorite since it’s a childhood food that brings back good memories. 

11. Ramen 

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It is not a healthy food to eat all the time, but it is a great midnight snack occasionally or whenever you crave something salty. Its warm broth, tasty spice, and richness make your heart and soul feel whole again. 

12. Chicken Wings 

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Chicken wings are a delicious source of protein, and they go great with a can of beer. No matter how much you eat, you are always craving for them. They are unhealthy if you eat them all the time, but they are a source of happiness for people. 

13. Cookies 

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Cookies have a variety of flavors that satisfy the mouth and heart. You have salty and sweet cookies to match your taste budss. The gooey and crunchy texture just set in the mouth so perfectly that it’s hard to eat just one piece. 

14. Chips 

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The crispy and crunchy texture gives people a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. With different flavors it’s hard to resist these tasty flavors. Just by looking at the bag, you already want to eat to satisfy the craving. Chips are so addicting that they can be eaten in one sitting. 

15. Brownies 

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If you love chocolate and have a sweet tooth, you know it’s hard to resist brownies. They look plain, but they burst with chocolate flavor that pleases your cravings. Just one bite into a brownie makes you a happy person. Just like any sweets, they put you in a better mood. 

16. Burgers

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Everyone loves a cheeseburger or any burger from a fast food place. The juice and the taste of the burger make people happy. It’s cheap and simple. When you look at it, the tower of ingredients, you want to dig in real quick. 

17. Cake 

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a whole cake or a slice; the sweet and fluffy texture melts in your mouth and satisfies your sweet tooth. From chocolate to red velvet cake, it’s a divine dessert that is made by heaven. One look at a piece, and you are already tempted. 


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