16 Things That  Adults Love, But Kids Absolutely Hate

Isn't it funny how much your taste changes as you age? From napping to eating veggies, there are so many things that people hated as kids that are somehow part of their daily lives as adults. The following are sixteen of the most common things that adults love but kids can't stand.

1. Doing Nothing on the Weekend

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Remember when your weekends were about hanging out with friends, going to the movies, and having fun? As a child, spending a weekend doing nothing seemed like a punishment. Now, as an adult, a relaxing weekend feels like heaven.

2. Naps During the Day

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It's funny how there was once a time when you hated naps. Nap time is most kids' least favorite time of the day. As a child, you feel like you're missing out by napping while everyone else is awake. But during adulthood, a quick afternoon nap can be rejuvenating and the perfect way to help you get through the day. 

3. Homecooked Meals

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Eating out was so exciting when you were a kid. There was just something about going to a fast food restaurant that seemed much more fun to eat than a homecooked meal. During adulthood, you discover that there's something comforting and valuable in preparing and eating a meal from scratch at home. 

4. Socks as Gifts 

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So many kids are disappointed when they unwrap a gift and see a pair of socks. They were the most boring present a kid could receive. But during adulthood, you realize that a pair of socks can be practical, fun, and a really thoughtful gift. Plus, with all the fun patterns and custom prints available, you could get a unique pair. 

5. Vegetables 

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Parents worldwide are trying to convince their kids to eat their vegetables. As a child, you probably hated them, too. But once you grew up, your palette changed and you began to appreciate the flavors of vegetables. They've become a staple in your diet, and you can't wait to experiment with different recipes and types.

6. Staying Home Instead of Going to Parties 

Being forbidden from going out to parties seemed like the ultimate punishment as a kid. You would miss out on all the fun and hanging out with friends. However, once you're an adult, you know that it's completely reasonable to skip a few parties. After a long week, all you want to do is stay home to unwind, and sometimes that's more enjoyable than any party could be.

7. Early Bedtime 

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Imagine crawling into bed and getting eight to ten hours of sleep. As a kid, you probably thought you were missing out on all the fun when you were sent to bed early. But as an adult, you know the importance of a good night's sleep. An early bedtime is so satisfying and energizes you for the following day that I bet you probably wonder why you hadn't realized it before. 

8. Grocery Shopping 

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Didn't you hate grocery shopping as a kid? Walking through aisles looking at products you didn't care about and then waiting in a long checkout line wasn't your idea of a good time. Plus, you didn't get to pick out the things you wanted. As adults, you're in complete control of your grocery shopping experience. You get to choose the store, the products, and the time of day you go shopping to make it the easiest experience. You also get to treat yourself to any snacks you want, and no one can tell you otherwise.

9. Cleaning Your Room

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Cleaning your room once felt like a punishment. Most kids procrastinate until the very last moment and often hope their parents will do it for them. But in adulthood, your bedroom becomes your sanctuary, and you take pride in keeping it clean and tidy.

10. Yard Work 

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Don't you love the look of a freshly tended lawn? Yard work is the most hated chore of many children. Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, and raking leaves seem like back-breaking work. However, in adulthood, you enjoy caring for your lawn and garden. It gives you time to get outside, exercise, and connect with nature. Plus, you get the satisfaction of having a beautiful lawn. 

11. Cancelled Plans

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Canceled plans are a major disappointment for kids. They look forward to outings, playdates, and parties with so much excitement. However, as adults, canceled plans begin to feel like a blessing in disguise. It gives you more time for yourself, a chance to relax, and an opportunity to recharge without the guilt of missing out on anything.

12. Having Siblings

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Young siblings often fight over petty things, from sharing toys to getting along in the same space and vying for their parent's attention. As adults, the bonds between siblings change, moving from an older sibling/younger sibling relationship to becoming friends. It's usually after you grow up that you realize the confidant you have in your siblings. 

13. Friends Coming Over

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When was the last time you had friends over? As a child, having friends over would be the highlight of your day. You would have fun, play games, and laugh together. But for adults, having friends randomly show up at your house isn't as fun as it used to be. A lot more preparation goes into socializing at home, especially after a long day at work.

14. Staying in Your Room

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Being sent to your room is considered a punishment as a child. Children always want to be where the action is, and being confined to one room might seem like torture. But as a grown-up, your bedroom is where you're most comfortable. You'll often encounter situations where you wish to stay hidden in your bedroom all day. 

15. Home Decor Shopping 

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Remember how much you hated home decor shopping with your parents when you were young? It must have felt like you were trapped in the store while they looked at every throw pillow, furniture item, and wall art in the building. But as adults, home decor shopping has become a usual part of your life and one you've come to enjoy and look forward to. 

16. Spending Time with Parents

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Spending time with your parents might seem boring when you're a child, especially when you'd prefer to hang out with friends. Once you become an adult, you cherish the moments you share with your parents. Your relationship with them changes, and you begin to appreciate their wisdom and support. 


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