16 Essentials You Should Never Forget When Cruising

Are you preparing for a cruise and need to decide what items to pack? Your cruise packing checklist will be very different from any other trip and require specific items you probably had yet to think of. But don't worry; here's a list of seventeen essentials you'll need on your next cruise.  

1. Packing Cubes

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When going on a cruise, you want to be sure you packed everything you'll need during your trip. Using packing cubes is a clever way to maximize the space in your suitcase. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors that can help you sort clothing by type and prevent wrinkling.

2. Tech Organizer 

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Frequent travelers agree that organizing their tech is an innovative and easy way to optimize space when packing and prevent items from getting lost. With a tech organizer, you can keep all your cables, charging bricks, adapters, S.D. cards, etc., in one compact bag that you can easily carry in your handbag or carry-on. 

3. Reusable Water Bottle

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Staying hydrated is essential when on and off the ship. A reusable water bottle is incredibly useful for ensuring you always have water nearby. A bottle with a strap is much easier to carry, allowing hands-free fun while staying hydrated.

4. Luggage Scale 

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Every seasoned traveler recommends checking the weight of your suitcase and carry-on before you leave the house to avoid spending additional money on overweight fees. The small fee for the scale is nothing compared to what you'll pay for the extra baggage.  

5. Mini First-Aid Kit

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All cruises have their own medical products and facilities, but you will only be spending some of your time aboard the ship during a cruise. While you're adventuring on shore, you never know what could happen. Having your own mini first-aid kit ensures you're prepared for anything. You can purchase the supplies and make your own or buy a premade first-aid kit.

6. Carry-On Caddy

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When taking a cruise, flying to an embarkment point is common. Instead of juggling the essentials during check-in, a carry-on caddy allows you to conveniently store your passport, phone, drinks, etc., in an easily accessible pouch on top of your carry-on.  

7. Anti-Nausea Bands

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Motion sickness shouldn't prevent you from going on a cruise; you only need a couple of anti-nausea bands. These bands use acupressure to minimize nausea and prevent vomiting while you're aboard the ship. Pills and other over-the-counter medications are full of harmful chemicals, but the bands are chemical-free, reusable, and highly recommended by travelers. 

8. Luggage Tracker 

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It's no secret that there's a chance your luggage won't make the journey with you. A luggage tracker is a simple recommendation for keeping your eye on your luggage. It will let you see when your checked bag has arrived at your cabin or whether it's stalled at security. You can also use luggage tags for your carry-on and handbag to be safe. 

9. RFID Wallet 

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Gone are the days when thieves would need to snatch your wallet or purse to steal from you. Hackers and thieves use skimming devices to steal your credit card information. Unfortunately, you won't realize it until you receive your statement. An RFID-blocking wallet is made of a special material that prevents your information from being scanned and stolen. It's perfect for traveling. 

10. Lanyards

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Keycards can easily get lost while having fun and going through your day. Hanging your keycard on a lanyard will ensure they don't get lost on deck, shore, or in the cabin. You can hang your keycard around your neck or wrist while going about your day and hang it up on a magnetic hook once you've returned to the cabin. 

11. Waterproof Phone Case

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If you plan to take photos during your cruise (which you most likely will), a waterproof phone case is an excellent investment. Whether on the beach, at a pool, or exploring a waterfall, you shouldn't worry about protecting your phone from getting wet. Choose a waterproof pouch compatible with your phone and has a lanyard so you can wear your phone around your neck while having fun.

12. Comfortable Walking Shoes 

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When people think of cruises, they often imagine slipping into a pair of flip-flops, but those aren't the best shoes for cruising. Whether you're walking around on deck or exploring the shore, comfortable closed-toe shoes or sandals with secure straps are the best choice if you're going to be on your feet for a long time. 

13. Over-The-Door Organizer

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If you want to keep your essentials, like sunscreen, makeup, or hygiene products, in a place where they're easily accessible and won't take up precious counter or floor space, you need an over-the-door organizer. You will likely be frustrated after a few days of rummaging through the drawers or tight closet space to find what you need. Keeping the products you use daily behind the door means you never have to worry about searching for them again.

14. Portable Humidifier 

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Portable humidifiers are a must-have in a cruise ship cabin. Expert travelers know that the air inside the cabin can often feel dry, especially during the colder months. A portable humidifier is a lightweight, USB-powered device you can easily slip into your carry-on to make your trip much more comfortable.  

15. Water Shoes

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If the cruise takes you to countries where you'll likely spend a lot of time in a body of water, a pair of good-quality water shoes should be on your cruise packing checklist. They'll provide excellent protection and support for any watersport or activity you participate in. They're also helpful for protecting your feet while walking on the beach. 

16. International Travel Adapter 

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Most cruise ships have U.S. and European outlets, but when traveling with a phone, camera, tablet, watch, headphones, and laptop that all need to be charged, you'll want to take advantage of as many outlets as possible. A travel adapter can change the shape of the plug to match the outlet. If you choose one that can charge multiple devices simultaneously, you never have to worry about losing charge during your cruise. 


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