16 Common Things People Pay for That I Don’t to Save Money

In this expensive world, it’s hard to save money. Bills, insurance, gas, and groceries keep on increasing, so whatever I can save every month, I’ll do it. I like to budget and try not to overspend. Here are things I don’t pay for so I can save more in the long run. 

1. Hair Coloring 

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Most people love to dye their hair or get a perm. There are so many colors you can choose from. I have never dyed my hair before due to it being expensive. It cost over $200 for my hair, which is a lot of money. If I dye it, I’ll have to retouch it once my hair grows out, which is a lot of money. Hair does come with a lot of maintenance. 

2. Streaming Services 

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Many people have multiple streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and others. I don’t spend a lot of time watching shows since I have a lot of other priorities to worry about. I also borrow my cousin’s streaming service when I find a good show, so I don’t have to pay for a streaming service. 

3. Nails 

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Nails are a luxury for people, and I know a lot of females love to get their nails done for parties, vacations, and special events. I have never paid for my nails since I know people, and I know how to do my nails. With that expense out of the way, I can save my money for something else. 

4. Designer Brands 

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A lot of people buy designer brands to show off their wealth and status. I have never bought a designer brand. It looks nice and classy, so I understand why people love it. It is a dream of mine to own one in the future as a reward for myself. However, I don’t think it’s a good time to buy one. 

5. New Technology 

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People are always buying the latest phones, TVs, laptops, computers, and other gadgets. I only buy if it is needed, like when my laptop or phone becomes slow or broken. The new things may look cool, but priorities come first for me. 

6. Buying the Latest Thing 

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When people see something exotic or new, they will buy it right on the spot. As for me, I would think about it three times before I buy it. It either has to make me extremely happy, or it’s something I really need. If it doesn’t, I won’t even buy it, no matter how good the product may be. 

7. Seats on Planes 

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People often buy seats on planes to sit with their family or friends. For me, I don’t think it’s necessary because they are just seats. I can make friends, so it doesn’t bother me. Picking seats on a plane can be expensive, so I don’t usually pay extra to pick my seats. 

8. Organic Food 

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Some people buy their groceries from Whole Foods since they are organic and good for their health. However, I see other food at other grocery stores are fine, so I don’t buy them at Whole Foods. I grow some fruits and vegetables at home too, which are more organic than Whole Foods.

9. Eating Out Daily

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I don’t eat out every day, but I do eat out when I’m catching up with an old friend or with my family. It’s a lot of money you are paying for when it comes to one meal. A meal can be $15 or more, depending on the restaurant. 

10. Online Games 

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Popular games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft are addictive to people. People will be buying new outfits and weapons for their characters. I don’t play those games, but I have seen people spending hundreds of dollars on those games. 

11. Concert Seat 

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Fans love to go see their favorite artists, especially when it comes to up-close seats. Fans love to sit up close to the stage so they can see their favorite artist sing and dance. Seats on the floor can be up to $1000, depending on the artists. 

12. Oil Change 

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People who don’t know how to change their oil have to go to an oil change service. An oil change can cost around $35 to $75. However, my dad knows how to do it, so I don’t have to worry about paying someone to change my oil. 

13. Cleaning Services 

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People are either lazy or don’t have enough time in a day. They would hire people to clean their houses so they can save time and energy. Cleaning services are not cheap. It costs over $100 to hire someone to come clean your house. 

14. Facial 

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People want to look beautiful and young forever. Many women love to get facials to remove their dead skin, but getting a facial is over the top for me. It can cost me over $100 for an hour of service. 

15. Botox & Fillers 

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As you age, you start to see wrinkles, and you want to get rid of them. No one likes to see wrinkles on their face since no one likes to look old. Wrinkles are often seen as something horrendous, and people like to stay young and beautiful. 


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