16 Biggest Worries People Have About The Future

A century ago, people imagined that the future would include robots and flying cars. While some of these things are true, many of the concerns of the past are no longer issues in the present. It's normal for people to worry about what the future holds and what will happen over the next few years. The following are the sixteen biggest concerns people have about the future.

1. Climate Change

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Climate change is a hot topic right now, and it's impossible to ignore. Rising temperatures, melting ice caps, and extreme weather events have been occurring much more frequently. While many animals are being affected, climate change also affects the air, water, and food the planet produces. Many people are concerned about the planet's future and what solutions can be implemented to mitigate this issue.

2. Population Decline

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By the mid-2050s, the global fertility rate is predicted to drop below replacement level. While population decline may not seem like an urgent issue right now, it could potentially be a very serious problem in the future. People worldwide have fewer children and have them much later in life than decades prior. These lower birth rates can lead to an aging population and a shrinking workforce, thus leading to economic stagnation. 

3. Another Global Pandemic

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After experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, the possibility of another global pandemic is a major concern for many people worldwide. It's apparent to many how quickly a virus can spread and how devastating its impact can be. Though vaccines and healthcare infrastructure will continue to improve, there have been many global pandemics throughout human history, and it's a legitimate concern that history could repeat itself.

4. Decreased Crop Production

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As climate change affects weather patterns and soil health, many are concerned about farmers' ability to grow enough food to sustain society. While scarcity is a major fear, there's also the concern that the quality and nutritional value of food will decrease in the coming years. As society has been putting more emphasis on the importance of farm-fresh, organic food, the idea that these things could decrease in the future is cause for worry.

5. AI Advancements

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Artificial intelligence has been advancing at lightning speed. While each new development has been exciting, it's also terrifying for many people. Many people worry that they could lose their jobs as machines and algorithms begin to take over tasks that humans have traditionally done. Also, with AI technology being so readily available to the masses, there's the concern that these programs could be used to do more harm than good.

6. No Money to Retire

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The cost of living has skyrocketed over the last few years, causing many people to fear that they will not have enough money to retire. While financial planning and saving from a young age are important, with the rising cost of living and unreliable pension schemes, many people still worry that they will be working well into their old age to make ends meet.

7. Pollution

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Pollution has existed since the dawn of time and has steadily become worse. Many people are concerned about the long-term health effects of air, water, and food pollution. Pollution contributes to further environmental harm and the destruction of ecosystems and wildlife. Though many campaigns, projects, and policies have been put in place to reduce the effects of pollution, the scale of this issue is still worrisome.

8. Political Instability

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With protests, civil unrest, corrupt governments, and authoritarian regimes worldwide, it's no surprise that political stability is one of the main concerns many people have for the future. Fair and just governance is a basic human right; however, with the state of global politics feeling so chaotic at times, it's no one or people fear for the future.

9. Increase in Housing Prices

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The average American can't afford to buy a home in 99% of the nation, but this issue isn't unique to the US. The cost of housing worldwide has skyrocketed in recent years. Many people fear that if this trend con

tinues in the same vein, they will not be able to afford housing. Homelessness and unmanageable financial burdens are very serious worries among the general population.

10. Nuclear War

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The idea that a few powerful countries can cause massive destruction through a nuclear war is terrifying. To many people, it's sobering that diplomacy and international cooperation are some of the few things keeping conflicts on a global scale at bay.

11. Job Scarcity 

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Globalization, the rise of remote work, and technological advancements are completely reshaping the job markets. Although new industries are emerging, AI and automation are taking over many jobs traditionally done by people. In recent years, it's become much more difficult for college students to find jobs in their chosen fields, and many people are worried that this issue will only continue to worsen in the coming years.

12. Biodiversity Loss

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Scientists estimate that by 2100, almost half of the world's species will disappear. While it's heartbreaking to think of so many creatures becoming extinct, the destruction of their habitats and the extinction of species will also significantly impact human life. Biodiversity is so important for pollination, water purification, and even medicine. Although there are several conservation efforts and habitat restoration projects, the fear of another mass extinction is very real.

13. Economic Inequality

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People worldwide fear that the rich will continue to become richer while the poor remain poor. As the gap between the rich and poor widens, future economic inequality is a major concern for many people. Unless there is a change in how wealth is distributed and opportunities are provided in society, people will continue to fear that they won't achieve a better standard of living.

14. Depletion of Natural Resources

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Many people are concerned about the depletion of natural resources. Not only does the poor management of natural resources threaten society's ability to meet future needs, but it also contributes to environmental damage. Resources like fossil fuels, minerals, and fresh water are being used at an unsustainable rate. Many people fear a potential shortage of the essentials that keep the world running.

15. Decreased Privacy 

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With technological advancements in this new digital age, many fear decreased privacy will become a prominent issue. With increased social media use, surveillance, data collection, and GPS on devices, many people feel like their every move is being monitored. This could lead to a loss of personal freedom as well as an increased risk of cybercrime. Although many people are careful with the information they share online, it's still difficult to monitor which personal information is being collected.

16. Relationships Harder to Maintain

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With the increase in social media use and dating apps, it seems like a new connection is always right around the corner. However, modern dating culture doesn't allow people enough time to get to know one another before moving on to a new person. Many people fear that the digital world is making forming and maintaining romantic relationships more difficult. 

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