15 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Blues

The winter holidays are a magical time when friends and family come together to celebrate and spread good cheer. But for some people, this time of year isn’t a happy occasion. Many people suffer from the holiday blues and are unsure of how to cope with these feelings. In this blog post, we’ve outlined fifteen tips for combatting the holiday blues.

1. Don’t Skip Your Therapy Sessions

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During the holiday season, it’s common for people to become so busy spending time with friends and family, attending festivals and parties, or doing holiday shopping that they don’t stick to their regular mental health routine. If you’re someone who regularly attends therapy, don’t skip your therapy sessions during the holiday season. Be sure to make your mental health a priority even when things become busy.

2. Create a Budget 

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The holidays can be a significant financial burden for so many people. Between gifts, decorations, holiday dinners, and charitable donations, holiday expenses quickly add up and create a lot of financial stress. Create a budget to control your holiday spending and stick to it. 

3. Get Plenty of Sleep

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The holiday season can be so busy. While this should be a time of happiness and relaxation, many people sleep less during the holidays. Be sure to prioritize a good night’s rest during the holidays. When you’re well rested, you’re more likely to be in a good mood.

4. Practice Gratitude

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Practicing gratitude is an excellent way to beat the holiday blues. Try to be grateful for all you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have during the holidays. Using a gratitude journal, write down a few things every day that you feel grateful for. Don’t force yourself to find positives in difficult things; instead, focus on the things you’re truly happy about.

5. Add Joy to Your Life 

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Make time every day to do the things that make you happy. Whether it’s as small as having your favorite coffee in the morning, practicing a hobby, or watching the sunset, doing something that brings you joy could make a massive positive impact on your mental health. 

6. Treat Yourself

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Self-care is so important, especially during the holiday season. While juggling pleasing your family members, the financial burdens of the season, and the pressures of the holidays, you deserve to take a break and focus on pampering yourself. Treat yourself to a long-relaxing bath, a massage, or your favorite guilty pleasure snack. No matter how you choose to do it, be sure to carve out some time for yourself.

7. Learn to Say “No”

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Many people put pressure on themselves during the holidays to please everyone. From family gatherings to work events and gift exchanges, there are a lot of expectations during this season that could leave you feeling stretched thin. Be realistic about what you can handle during the holiday season, and say no to everything else.

8. Make New Traditions

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Many people have family traditions they practice during the holidays. However, as families grow and change, these traditions can sometimes become difficult to uphold. Be open to new traditions during the holidays, whether introduced by a new in-law or friend and embrace them for what they are rather than what you think they should be.

9. Connect with Positive People

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The people around you may not know how difficult the holiday season is for you. But you’d be surprised how much support you could get from the ones who care about you just by reaching out to them. Connect with positive people who will support you by listening, giving helpful advice, or being there for you.

10. Get Support if You’re Grieving

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The holidays can be difficult for a lot of people who recently lost someone, either through death or a breakup. This season should be when you spend time with those you love, and not having them around can make that difficult. If you’re struggling with a loss during the holidays, get support from friends, family, or a professional to help you process your grief.

11. Move Your Body

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Ten minutes of exercise daily could make a huge difference in managing the holiday blues. It doesn’t matter if you choose to go biking, dancing, walking, or running; exercise of any kind will help your body release endorphins that will boost your mood and leave you feeling great.

12. Spend Time Outside

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The shorter days and lack of sunlight during the holidays can affect your mood. Spending time outdoors soaking up some sunlight is an excellent way to combat negative emotions and stimulate happiness.

13. Watch What You Eat

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So many people are excited about the delicious food they’ll eat during the holiday season. While the Thanksgiving feasts and numerous Christmas parties are fun, they can also lead to overeating. It’s so common for people to gain weight during the holidays, and that can really affect your mood and overall well-being. Be intentional about what you eat.

14. Spend Time With the People You Love

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The holiday blues can leave you wanting to hide away alone at home. Instead of spending the season watching television alone, get together with the people you love instead. Spending time with those you care about the most is an excellent way to boost your mood when feeling down. 

15. Avoid Harmful Coping Methods

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The holiday blues can be difficult to manage, and people often turn to harmful coping methods during this season. However, trying to numb your feelings with drinking or substance use could potentially amplify your negative feelings. 


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