15 Things You Been Hoarding That You Need to Get Rid of Now

When was the last time you cleaned out your basement? Most people have basements filled with random items they no longer use or need. While you might have put them in storage, hoping to reuse them one day, it's time to declutter and get rid of them if they aren't being used. The following are fifteen items in your basement that you need to get rid of.

1. Old Electronics

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Do you have several old electronics and gadgets collecting dust in the basement? Whether you have an old VCR from your college days or an old cell phone, it's time to get rid of them. If you aren't sure how to dispose of old electronics, find out about your local recycling program.

2. User Manuals 

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It's normal to keep a user manual after receiving a brand-new item. But with access to the internet, physical manuals are obsolete. So, if you have a collection of user manuals for gadgets and appliances you no longer own or recognize, you're long overdue for decluttering. 

3. Cans of Paint

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How many half-empty cans of paint do you have in your basement? Many people collect cans of paint until they've become old and rusty and can't remember what shade the paint inside is supposed to be. If you have old paint tins in your basement, they're most likely unusable. If you're unsure how to dispose of them, check with your local waste management for proper disposal methods. 

4. Belongings of Lost Loved Ones

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It's understandable to want to hold on to the belongings of your loved ones who've passed away. But a basement full of belongings you don't use and are buried under a layer of dust isn't the best way to honor their memory. Choose a few meaningful items that you'd like to keep and find ways to display them. Everything else can either be disposed of or given away. 

5. Old Cookware

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Sometimes, it's hard to get rid of old cookware once you've got new ones. But collecting old pots, pans, and baking sheets, thinking you'll need them someday, only clutters your basement. If your cookware is still usable, consider donating it, but if it's too worn out, it's time to dispose of it. 

6. Cables, Wires, and Chargers

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Do you have a random box of cables, wires, and old chargers somewhere in your basement? So many people do! Instead of sorting through old cables, most people will pack them away in case they need them someday. But if you haven't used any of the wires for a long time, they're unnecessary. Sort through your old chargers and cables and only keep the ones you need. 

7. Exercise Equipment 

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Do you have a treadmill or elliptical that's being used as an expensive clothes hanger? If you haven't touched your exercise equipment in the past year, consider donating or selling it. There's no need to clutter your basement with equipment you don't use.

8. Old Baby Items 

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Kids grow up so fast that before you know it, you're left with an entire wardrobe of baby items you no longer need. If you don't plan on having more children, you should pass these items along to friends and family members or donate them to a local shelter.

9. Unused Pesticides and Chemicals

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It's common for people to collect containers of old pesticides and chemicals over the years, but these could be a safety hazard. Many times, this is because people aren't sure of the best way to get rid of them. When decluttering your basement, check the labels of old pesticides and other chemicals to find instructions for proper disposal. 

10. Empty Boxes 

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How many empty boxes do you have stored in the basement just in case? Most likely more than you'll ever need. Cardboard boxes can be easily broken down and recycled. Sort through your empty boxes, keep some study ones that can be used as storage, and dispose of the rest. 

11. Old and Broken Toys 

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Children's toys often feel like a snapshot of a time that's passed. But you can't keep accumulating every old or broken toy that your children no longer play with. Set aside any that hold sentimental value, donate the gently used ones to charities or shelters, and get rid of the rest. 

12. Holiday Decor

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Holiday decorations are one of the few items in your basement that you'll only need to bring out once a year. However, that doesn't mean they should be a disorganized mess. Sort through your holiday decorations and separate them according to the holiday they're used for. If there are any broken pieces or items you haven't used in several years, get rid of them.

13. Unfinished DIY Projects

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So many DIY projects start with the best of intentions but never quite get finished. If you have projects sitting in the basement unfinished for months or years, it's time to let go. When decluttering, don't try to convince yourself that you'll finish in a few days or weeks. Reclaim your space and get rid of these unfinished projects.

14. Old Furniture 

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Old furniture isn't easy to remove and can be challenging to store. If you have broken or outdated furniture that is salvageable, consider donating or selling it. Someone else might be willing to give your old furniture a new life. 

15. Rarely Used Kitchen Gadgets

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If you rarely use single-use kitchen gadgets, like an old sandwich maker, panini press, or waffle iron, it's time to clear them out. When you purchased them, you might have imagined yourself getting a lot of use from them. But if you've only used your kitchen gadgets once or twice before storing them in the basement, it's time to donate them. 


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