15 Things That Have Become So Expensive, They Aren’t Even Worth It Anymore

Are you struggling to keep up with the increasing costs of everyday living? The prices of many things have increased to the point where they’re actually an inconvenience. In an online discussion, people shared what they consider so expensive that it’s no longer worth buying. 

1. Potato Chips

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Have you purchased potato chips lately? The prices have really shot up in recent years. One woman said, “I remember when the extra super cheapo bag was 89 cents. Now they're 2 bucks, and the premium chips are like 6 or 7 bucks.”

2. Rideshare Services

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While they may be convenient, rideshare services are so expensive that it sometimes feels pointless to use them. One man said, “Lyft / Uber isn’t nearly the deal they used to be.” 

3. Beef Jerky

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Beef jerky was a cheap and delicious snack, but now the price is ridiculous. One man remarked, “I love jerky but hate the price. $10 for store brand jerky, name brand prices are outrageous.” 

4. Secondhand Clothing

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Unfortunately, secondhand clothing, which used to be a thrifty alternative to buying new, has become so expensive in recent years. One woman said, “Secondhand clothing stores. Some of the things in there I can buy for the same price, if not less, for brand new!” 

5. Fabric 

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Fabric is another item that has become increasingly expensive, making it harder for people to make their own clothes or home decor. One woman commented, “Fabric. When my daughter was little, I sewed clothes for her myself. Now, fabric is so expensive that it's just cheaper to buy the clothes already made.” 

6. College Tuition

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College tuition has risen exponentially in recent years, making it increasingly difficult for students to afford a higher education. One man said, “My sons' college tuition was 10 times what mine cost. I have a grandson coming up in a few years. Will it be 100 times more than mine?” 

7. Frozen Dinners

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Frozen dinners were meant to be a cheap alternative, but they’ve become so expensive they’re no longer worth it. One man said, “Frozen dinners. The entire appeal of the product was that you could buy a meal for $2-3. Now that they are $10, you might as well just buy actual food for dinner.” 

8. Fast Food

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Remember when fast food used to be considered a cheap meal? One man shared, “Fast food. It’s literally cheaper to go to my local burger joint and get a burger than it is to go to Wendy’s, and the burger is outrageously better.” 

9. Cereal

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The cost of cereal has been steadily rising over the last few years, and the worst part is it seems there’s also less cereal for the price. One woman shared, “Cereal. $6 a box, and I think they’ve been putting less cereal in the boxes.” 

10. Seafood

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If you’re a seafood lover, you’ve probably noticed the cost of seafood has increased. It isn’t even an everyday meal anymore; it’s more of a luxury. One man said, “Seafood, in general, is the first thing I noticed skyrocket in price during the pandemic. I used to live on frozen cod, mahi, and salmon from Costco. Now, most of it is too expensive.” 

11. Dining Out

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You can expect to spend a chunk of change if you plan to go to a sit-down restaurant for dinner. Restaurants have become wildly expensive lately. One woman said, “Going out to dinner! My fiancé and I have just learned to cook because we kept spending $100 on meh food.” 

12. Chicken Wings

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Are you a fan of chicken wings? You might have noticed how the cost of a portion of wings has increased steadily over the last few years. One man said, “Chicken wings. They used to be so cheap, and I used to go out for them all the time. Now I just make them at home. I shouldn't be paying 15 dollars for 6-8 wings. Not worth the money.”

13. Movies At The Theater

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Going to the movies is such a fun experience. But with the rising cost of the tickets and the concessions costing a small fortune, does it even make sense to go anymore? One man shared, “Movies at the theater. That ship has sailed for my family. Major movies are now at home within a few months. Even faster if they don't light up the box office. I chose to invest in a great home theater, and I have zero regrets.” 

14. Beauty Services

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Getting beauty treatments is truly a luxury experience in this day and age. The cost of getting your hair or nails done has really increased lately. One woman remarked, “Any personal beauty services. Nails, hair color, lashes, eyebrows, all that I now do myself. The only thing I still do is get my hair cut.” 

15. Sports Events

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Going to different sporting events has been a pastime for many people for decades. Unfortunately, the cost of tickets and the concessions have increased so much that many people wonder if they should even go. One man said, “Sporting events. All of them are so expensive, even for dusty seats. I'll enjoy it from my comfortable home with any food and drink I choose.”


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