15 Surprising Habits of Wealthy People That Might Make You Think They’re Broke

When you think of well-off people, you might imagine luxury cars, designer clothes, and a lavish lifestyle. However, many wealthy people often act in ways others might perceive as poor. Here are fifteen habits of the rich that might make them seem poor.

1. Finding the Best Deal

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You might think that having lots of money means you can buy whatever you want whenever you want. However, many affluent people will still spend hours reading reviews, comparing prices, and finding the best deals before purchasing anything. Regardless of how much you earn, everyone wants to know they're getting the best bang for their buck. 

2. Eating Work Leftovers 

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This might sound surprising, but even some of your office's most affluent employees have no issue eating the leftovers from office lunch meetings. Whether or not they were part of the meeting, they'll help themselves to any available extras or leftovers. After all, who would turn down a free lunch?

3. Using Every Ounce of Product

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Why throw away a tube of toothpaste or a bottle of shampoo when there's still some product left? You might think it isn't common to squeeze, shake, or scoop out every ounce of product, but even the wealthy do this. They understand that it's vital to minimize waste and maximize value.

4. Wearing Old Clothes

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What do you wear when relaxing at home? Regardless of how much you make, everyone wants to be comfortable when they're at home. Even the wealthy will throw on a decades-old shirt when relaxing, gardening, or walking their dog. 

5. Knowing the Grocery Cart Total

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Wealthy people know where their money is going, especially when it's being spent. While you might think paying close attention to the cost of the items you're adding to your shopping cart is something wealthy people don't need to do, they actually do. Awareness and control over their spending help the rich to remain wealthy. 

6. Shopping Sales

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Waiting for sales and using coupons isn't only for those on a tight budget. Many wealthy people still wait for a good deal. They wait for sales, use coupons, and take advantage of loyalty programs like you do. Smart shopping and spreading your dollar is for everyone, regardless of your tax bracket. 

7. Using the Last Sliver of Soap

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Have you ever been down to your last sliver of soap and refused to throw it away until it's completely finished? You aren't the only one. Even people who are considered well-off will ensure nothing goes to waste, not even their soap. 

8. Keeping Things You Don't Need

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How many things do you have stored around the home just in case you need them someday? Many people think that only those who live on a modest income save random possessions for the future, but everyone does it. Whether it's an old appliance, furniture, or other miscellaneous item, even the wealthy see value in their old belongings. 

9. Thrifting 

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Thrift stores and vintage shops aren't only for people who can't afford to shop at the higher-end stores. Many wealthy people love hunting for unique and vintage items at thrift stores. They love coming across rare finds and nostalgic items just as much as you do.

10. Monitoring Your Bank Account 

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You might think that the wealthy don't check their bank account after every purchase or at the end of each day. However, for many well-off people, this is a way of staying on top of their finances. Regularly monitoring your account balances ensures you avoid any unnecessary surprises, and that's important for everyone. 

11. Driving an Affordable Vehicle

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You'd expect someone with money to drive an expensive or luxury car, but many prefer to seek reliability instead. While driving an older model might seem like something only someone on a budget would do, it helps avoid high vehicle costs and frees up income for investing in other areas. 

12. Cutting Your Own Hair

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When was the last time you had your hair professionally done? Haircuts have become really expensive in recent years, especially if you want it done well. While many people choose to do their own hair, you'd be surprised to learn a lot of wealthy people do their hair themselves, too. 

13. Walking to Work

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Many people think the only reason anyone would walk to work is to save on transportation costs. However, many well-off people choose to walk to work instead of driving. They embrace this habit because it's healthy, stress-relieving, and reduces the amount of gas their vehicle uses every week.

14. DIY Jobs

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Paying for convenience is something commonly associated with the wealthy. But did you know that many affluent people prefer to handle their household maintenance themselves? From lawn care to mounting furniture, they've adopted the DIY approach for many household tasks. 

15. Rip Paper Towels in Half

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Why use an entire sheet of paper towel when you only need half? Many people will cut their sheets of paper towel in half to avoid using more than necessary. However, this practice isn't unique to individuals living on a budget; this hack is helpful to the wealthy as well. They see the value in only using what you need and being mindful of how each individual's waste affects the environment. 


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