15 Necessities That People Pay For But Wish They Were Free

Everything costs money these days, no matter what it is. From healthcare to life necessities, there are so many things to pay for in life. As prices go up, everyone is trying their best to save their money. In an ideal world, life’s essentials and other basic needs should be available for all. However, that is not the case since products and services cost money. Here are things that people pay for but wish they didn’t. 

1. Paying Bills Online 

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Paying bills online should be free, but it isn’t. There is always a service fee that must be paid. This can be $5 or more depending on where you live. These days there are fees everywhere, and it shouldn’t be like that. Everything is already expensive and it makes no sense to pay extra. 

2. Employee Parking 

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You are going to work to make money, but you have to pay to park. Most downtown areas make you pay to park on the side of the road or in their parking garage, which makes no sense. You already drive to work, but you have to pay to park your car. Workers or staff should have their own place to park, but they don’t. 

3. Glasses

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Vision should be free or shouldn’t be too expensive because people can’t see without them. Some people have different issues with their eyes like they need transitional glasses so that they can drive. It would be difficult or dangerous to drive it the person driving can’t see. 

4. Insulin 

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For some reason, insulin has become more expensive than it needs to be, especially in the U.S.. People who have diabetes need this for the rest of their lives. Without it, it’s hard to live. Insulin should be free or inexpensive because many people are barely passing by. 

5. Sanitary Products

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Women have no control over their bodies, but they have to pay for pads and tampons. It’s like an expense to add to every month. Buying them already costs money, and they can be expensive with only a few in a box.  

6. Tollway 

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After people finish paying for the road construction and maintenance, people shouldn’t have to pay for toll roads anymore. Why do people need to keep paying for it? Some roads don’t need to be paid, but tollways do. 

7. Property Tax 

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When you buy a home, you pay to own the home and land, but you have to pay property tax every year. You have to be taxed to live in your own home. It’s understandable where the tax money goes, but every year, the property tax goes up, which makes it too expensive.

8. Cloud Data Backup 

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Everyone wants to store all their data somewhere safe, but there is so much the free plan can do for you. Most sites offer free backup at 2 to 5GB, but if you want more storage you usually have to pay a lot more than that. 

9. Dental Treatments 

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It seems like dental insurance never covers enough to pay for basic necessities. Treatment or surgery tends to cost you an arm and a leg. There are major problem people have with their teeth or mouth but can’t afford to fix it due to it being expensive. 

10. Childcare 

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People have to go to work, but they can’t take their kids with them. They either have to take it to a daycare or to their parents’ home. Childcare is so expensive these days, that people are working to pay for childcare. 

11. Water

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Water should be free because you need it to live. Compared to other drinks, water is the cheapest. Our bodies need water to stay hydrated, but you have to pay for it. It’s understandable that everyone needs clean water, but it’s still an expense. 

12. Healthcare

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The amount of money that people need to pay to live and survive is ridiculous. Some people have hereditary diseases that cannot be avoided and need all the treatments and resources. Insurance doesn’t cover much when people need them to. 

13. Funeral 

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Living already costs a lot, but when you pass away, it costs you money. You have to pay for services, burial, and other things that might come with it. You are already gone, but you still have to pay for it. Why can’t it be free, right?

14. Therapy 

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It doesn’t matter if you are going to a therapist or a physical therapist. You want to get better no matter what. Mental illness can be a pain, and people need help to get their life back together. The same goes for physical therapy; people need to get their strength back so they can perform normally on a daily basis.

15. School Supplies 

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Teachers are spending a lot of money on supplies that schools should be paying for. The same goes for universities. Students have to pay to print things. Tuition is already expensive, and you have to pay for other necessities that the school doesn’t provide. 

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