15 Common Purchases That Have Become a Luxury Due to Inflation

Never swipe your card before you think about whether it's really worth it. With prices everywhere skyrocketing, so many things you spend money on are hurting your finances. Here are fifteen everyday purchases that have become so expensive that you no longer need them. 

1. Streaming Services

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When streaming services were first introduced, they were the go-to for entertainment at a bargain price. Those days are long gone. Each platform now offers exclusive content, and the prices are continuously increasing. Most people would need to subscribe to multiple streaming services to enjoy a few of their favorite shows; the cumulative cost quickly rivals the cable bill. It really makes you wonder whether streaming services are still worth it.

2. Food Delivery 

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Food delivery services are incredibly convenient and were once considered a better alternative to picking up your food. However, with the service fees, delivery charges, and tips, you're easily paying more than the cost of your meal for the luxury of having it delivered to your home. At this point, it seems more practical to pick up your food yourself.

3. Going to the Movies

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When was the last time you went to the movie theater? There's something about going to the movies that enhances the viewing experience. However, with high ticket prices and exorbitantly priced snacks and drinks, a simple movie night with friends can cost a fortune. If you have a quality home entertainment system, consider having a moving night at home.

4. Boxed Cereal

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Box cereals look so appealing on the grocery store shelves, especially if you're a kid, but have you noticed how much you're paying for a box of sugar and air? With the rising cost of boxed cereals, the value per ounce is often ridiculous. With many cereals barely offering enough nutritional value to justify the price, investing in healthier breakfast foods might be better.

5. Beauty Salons 

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Regular trips to the beauty salon might make you feel good, but they'll definitely hurt your wallet. The cost of beauty treatments, like haircuts, color treatments, and nail services, has increased over the last few years. While it's nice to treat yourself every once in a while, is it really worth it? Learning basic beauty skills could save you a lot of money and ensure you always get the look you want.

6. Farmer's Markets

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Farmers markets are an incredible way to get produce from the farm to your table. However, these goods often come at a premium price. While supporting local farmers is admirable and important, the cost of shopping at the farmer's market can put a strain on your grocery budget

7. Premium Ice Creams

There are several different ice cream brands on the market, but a few of them certainly stand out from the rest. Premium ice creams were once a treat you could splurge on everyone's in a while. However, with the cost steadily increasing, it might be better to settle for the supermarket brand of ice cream instead.

8. Thrifting 

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When did thrift stores get so expensive? The purpose of thrift stores was once to provide access to quality goods at a much lower cost. However, as thrift stores have become more mainstream, and more and more people flock to these stores for unique, budget-friendly fashion finds, the prices have climbed.

9. Theme Parks

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Theme parks were once synonymous with family summer fun. Currently, the cost of admission, food, and souvenirs is astronomical. People need to save money and plan months in advance to visit a theme park. With so many other entertainment options available, you wonder whether a trip to the theme park is worth the hefty price tag.

10. Sewing Your Own Clothes

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Making your own clothes was once a way to avoid the high cost of quality clothing. However, with the cost of fabric and supplies steadily increasing, this once cost-effective way of upgrading your wardrobe surpasses the price of ready-made clothes. 

11. Road Trips 

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Road trips were considered a fun and budget-friendly way to travel to different areas around the country. However, with the rising cost of gas, lodging, and food, a budget road trip could become an expensive getaway. If you're planning a road trip for fun rather than necessity, it might be wise to consider a different method of travel.

12. Ridesharing Services

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Ridesharing services were created to rival the high cost of taxis. However, as time has gone by, the cost of ridesharing services has increased exponentially. The high price tag, including service fees and tips, makes many ridesharing services more expensive than traditional taxis. In that case, is it really worth it?

13. Peer-to-Peer Rentals

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With hotel prices notoriously high, peer-to-peer rentals were introduced to help people save money on accommodation while traveling. However, in recent years, the added costs, including service fees, cleaning fees, and early/late booking fees, have caused the prices to skyrocket. Considering you won't be enjoying the same amenities that you would at a hotel, like access to the pool, room service, etc, are peer-to-peer rentals really worth the high price tag?

14. Eating Out 

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Eating out is a great way to unwind and enjoy a meal you wouldn't typically eat at home. But the cost of dining out is steadily making home-cooked meals much more enticing. While people could once go out and share a meal with friends or family a few times a week, many have had to limit dining out to special occasions in recent years. 

15. Buying a New Car

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Everything is more expensive lately, including the cost of a new vehicle. You might be enticed to purchase a brand-new car if you want a new ride. However, with the soaring cost of new vehicles and auto loan interest rates, buying a new car will set you back. You might want to consider buying a pre-owned vehicle instead.


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