15 Behaviors That Reveal a Person Has Never Faced Money Problems

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they can afford their lifestyle? Often, it's the little things people say and do give away they've lived a privileged life. The following are fifteen telltale signs that someone has never struggled with money. 

1. Ignoring the Sales 

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Doesn't everyone love a good sale? Well, people who have never struggled with money often don't pay attention to discounts. They'll buy what they need regardless of whether or not it's on sale. People who've experienced financial hardship understand that every penny saved counts and might even skip buying something they need if it isn't on sale.

2. Replacing Unused Clothing

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If someone throws out clothes with minor damage, like a missing button or a slight area that's unhemmed, instead of repairing them, this could mean they've always been able to afford to replace their clothes. People who have to watch their spending closely will more likely mend or repurpose their clothing to get the most out of it. 

3. Throwing Away Leftover Food 

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Do you finish eating all your food when eating at a restaurant? One clue that someone comes from a wealthy family is throwing away leftover food. People who've never had to worry about where their next meal comes from are more likely to leave behind a significant portion of food at a restaurant instead of bringing the leftovers home like the average person. 

4. Being Surprised Others Don't Travel

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For many people, international travel is a luxury that requires saving and planning. Have you ever met someone who's surprised when they find out there are people who've never traveled outside their country? This is a clear indication of how privileged they are. They've never had to worry about the costs associated with travel and are speaking from a place of financial abundance. 

5. Borrowing Money From Parents 

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Anyone who casually suggests borrowing money from parents as a viable solution to financial issues grew up in a wealthy family. They don't realize that the average person doesn't have parents who can or will lend them money, and as for asking, people who've experienced financial struggles would feel too uncomfortable borrowing from their parents to consider asking in the first place. 

6. Frequently Traveling 

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While the average person has to worry about responsibilities, paid time off, and travel costs, people who've never experienced financial issues constantly jet off to new destinations. If you've ever wondered how someone manages to sustain themself while traveling so frequently, they're likely very well-off.

7. Ignoring Prices at the Grocery Store 

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People who live paycheck-to-paycheck know exactly how much the items they typically purchase would cost. On the other hand, a wealthy person would take the items they want and need and just swipe their card without a second thought. If someone is completely unaware of the prices of everyday grocery items, they've likely never had financial issues.

8. Quitting Without Another Job Lined Up

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Quitting your job is a bold move. In this competitive job market, the average person wouldn't leave their job unless they have something else lined up. Anyone who randomly quits their job without a backup plan likely has a financial cushion and has never had to worry about not having money to meet their basic needs.

9. Ignoring Payday

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Most people look forward to payday. It's the time when many people pay their bills and manage expenses. However, affluent people who have never had to worry about money will likely lose track of when their paycheck comes in. If you don't live paycheck-to-paycheck, the exact date you get paid doesn't matter. 

10. Disposing of Jars Before They're Empty

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Have you ever thrown out a peanut butter or jelly jar without scraping out the last bit? People who've never known financial hardship are more likely to throw away jars before they're completely empty. They don't think about stretching resources because they've lived with the luxury of always having more than enough.

11. Expect Bedrooms to Have Separate Bathrooms

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Sharing a bathroom isn't uncommon within homes. If someone is surprised by a home where each bedroom doesn't have its own bathroom, this is a clear indication that they've lived a privileged life. While having your own bathroom space is a nice luxury, it isn't necessary. 

12. Aren't Careful With Expensive Accessories

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If you've spent a lot of money on accessories like sunglasses, watches, or jewelry, you'll try your best to take care of it. However, if someone is careless with their expensive belongings, this could mean that they can easily replace these items and aren't as concerned about taking care of them. 

13. Forgetting to Repay Small Loans

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When money is tight, borrowing and lending money is taken very seriously. Even small amounts feel significant and are expected to be repaid. However, if someone borrows money and takes a long time to refund you or completely forgets about it, chances are they've never experienced financial struggles. They don't consider the amount they borrowed as significant and don't realize how it would affect you if they didn't repay you. 

14. Often Mention Vacations

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If someone mentions vacations and travel destinations during a conversation, it could be a clue to their financial status. People who frequently talk about trips to Europe, summers in Martha's Vineyard, or trips to The Hamptons might not realize these experiences aren't typical for everyone else. 

15. Asking to Split the Bill

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When dining out, if someone suggests splitting the bill, regardless of what each person ordered, this might be a sign that they're financially well-off. People on a budget would only order what they can afford and wouldn't want to risk paying more than they ate. However, splitting the bill is the simplest solution for those who never have to worry about money. 


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