10 Things You Should Cut From Your Budget

Have you ever felt like you were wasting your hard-earned money on things that really aren't necessary? We've all been there. But what one person may view as a waste of money, another may view as a necessity. Here are the top 10 things you might want to reconsider before buying.

1. Fast Food 

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For those with busy schedules, it can be an easy meal option. However, fast food is often criticized for being unhealthy and expensive. One commenter stated,” There's no such thing as “fast food” anymore. It's now simply drive-thru food. The prices aren't much lower, and it takes so long to go through a line thanks to online orders combined with staffing cuts.” 

2. The Latest Cellphone 

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“This year's new phone. What's wrong with the one you got last year?” An anonymous person said. With a new release every year, cell phones have become more advanced and expensive. While some may think the latest model is necessary, others see this as a luxury item that can wait.

3. Pickup Trucks 

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Pickup trucks used to be associated with hard work and manual labor. But, for some people, these may be viewed as a status symbol, and others see this as an unnecessary expense. “Huge pickup trucks for people who never have to haul anything bigger than groceries,” said one commenter.

4. Donating to a Political Campaign 

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“Donating to political campaigns. People say they agree, yet millions donate every election cycle,” commented one user. Donating to a political campaign can be seen as a way to support a cause or candidate. However, for others, it may be viewed as a futile expense with little impact. 

5. Satellite TV 

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Though satellite TV can offer a wide range of channels, with the rise of streaming services, some may view it as an unnecessary expense. “Satellite TV. Why are people still buying those huge packages of 100+ channels and watching like 5 of them,” commented one user. 

6. Diamond Jewelry 

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Lately, some people have viewed diamonds as overpriced and unnecessary, especially in a world where ethical and sustainable alternatives exist. One divorcee commented, “Pawn Shops will offer to take the diamond out of a wedding ring; the diamond is worthless; they only pay for the gold.”

7. Weddings 

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With the rising costs of venues, catering, and other expenses, some view weddings as an unnecessary and extravagant expense. “Weddings. The entire wedding industry is such a huge waste of resources,” said one user, “People spend thousands of dollars, and families go into debt, for a party.” 

8. Food Delivery Services 

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Food delivery services have become increasingly popular in recent years, but the cost of delivery fees and service charges can add up. “I looked the other day at getting something for the first time and saw it would cost me almost 30 dollars for a 7-dollar meal. I was like, no, I'll just make something,” one user wrote. 

9. Fast Fashion 

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“Fast fashion you only wear once,” one user commented. Fast fashion is known for its low prices and trendy styles. However, this industry has had a negative impact on the environment and labor practices.

10 Branded Clothing 

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While some people see designer brands or branded clothing as a way to express their personal style and identity, others may view it as a waste of money, especially when cheaper alternatives exist. “Branded clothing.” One user commented, “You're paying them to advertise their brand.” 

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