10 Purchases Women Confessed Were the Dumbest They Ever Made

Are you guilty of overspending on things you don't need? Are you constantly broke but with a closet full of clothes you've only worn once? Buyer's remorse is real, and these 10 confessions from women might make you feel less bad about that $30 takeout food you got yesterday.

1. The Perm Nightmare

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You have heard of a bad hair day. Now, get ready for a bad hair year. Getting a perm is not child's play, and someone highlighted this reality by recounting how badly their hair got damaged after a $220 perm! 

Imagine paying such an insane amount only to be forced to shave your head in the end. One person advised going to a hairstylist who would first assess if the hair was healthy enough to withstand the perm. Otherwise, that money is going to waste. 

2. Juicing Your Wallet Dry

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Impulse purchases plague us all, but this person broke the internet when they said they got a $400 juicer to make their problems go away. Spoiler alert: cucumber juice won't fix your depression.

3. The Glamour Tax

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So many folks confessed to overspending on makeup thanks to impulsivity. We all know how perfectly adorned those eyeshadow palettes are, but that's precisely how they get you! One person recounted a horror story 6 years ago when they bought makeup worth 2 grand.

We all know that no one will ever use more than 2 lipsticks, but here we are. 

4. Trench Coat Tragedy

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Ever thought of investing in a high-end clothing item, thinking it will last you for ages? Well, chances are you're not alone. Someone regretted buying a Burberry trench coat because it failed to be functional. It did not even do the one thing a coat is supposed to do: keep you warm. 

5. Way-UNFair Couches

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We all know that online shopping is a gamble, but Wayfair furniture takes it to the next level. One user was in pain about how poor the quality was. Another person who bought a couch online discussed how the color was way off and assembling it was painful.

You can only invest in such a lightweight couch if you enjoy being catapulted if you sit on the edge. 

6. Swimsuits That Drown Your Wallet

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We all know how drunk purchases turn out. Someone recalled spending $150 on a ridiculous bathing suiting only because the color seemed nice. Stopping at the mall when you're tipsy is probably not the best idea.

7. Dye Hard

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Anyone who dyes their hair regularly also knows that a part of them dies each time they do so. If your hair grows out fast, you'll probably be in a salon every 6 weeks like this one user. And trust me, your natural hair is perhaps not even that bad. 

8. Mattress Distress

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A bad mattress can break both your bank and back. One person shared how their expensive gel mattress started acting up 3 years later. They mentioned how their bodies were imprinted on the bed, almost like a chalk outline. This mattress might be a good choice only if you're a true crime fan.

9. Not-So-Cool Sculpting

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Someone mentioned paying four grand for cool sculpting! And the worst part? It didn't even make a difference. Talk about disappointment.

10. Vintage Nightmares: The Car That'll Leave You Stranded

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Having a dream car is okay as long as it remains a dream. One woman told us how she bought a three-decade-old vehicle only to find that it was beyond repair half the time. The maintenance cost was unreasonable.

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