10 Jobs That Challenge the Brave and Bold

While some careers may seem appealing to some, they can be considered a nightmare to others. Participants shared their thoughts on the different jobs they would never accept in a discussion forum. 

1. Medical Debt Collector

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Medical debt collectors are responsible for contacting patients who owe money to medical facilities and demand payment. Many people find this job morally objectionable. “Medical debt collector in the US. I know someone who did this. One day they came to the bar, and they were like, ‘I had to harass a woman about her dead husband's ambulance bill and a man about his dead child's chemotherapy bill,'” someone shared. 

2. Food Service

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Food service jobs are notorious for being demanding and stressful. “Foodservice, I did it for years and will never go back,” an anonymous person said. “It's seriously awful; I did it while in college and when I couldn't find a job immediately. Do not recommend,” a woman replied.

3. Call Center Worker

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“Call center, worked in it once, never again,” someone commented. Call center workers are expected to remain calm and professional in the face of angry or abusive behavior, which can be difficult and stressful. 

4. Assembly Line Worker

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Assembly line workers face physically demanding work and the monotony of repeatedly performing the same task. “Assembly line work. Fast, repetitive, and non-stop. It's not for humans to do,” one person remarked.

5. Teacher

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“Teaching,” someone remarked. “I have no patience, can't explain things well, and I can't stand children or teenagers.” Teachers face a lot of stress and responsibility. They're also often underpaid and overworked, with large class sizes and limited resources. 

6. Veterinarian

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For animal lovers, it's heart-wrenching to witness injured animals needing help while unable to provide it. “Veterinarian. It's surprising because I'm a huge animal lover and would love to help them. But I can't deal with having to refuse service because some entitled person comes in with an injured animal demanding free care,” someone shared.

7. Customer Service Agent

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The stress of managing customer complaints and unreasonable demands can take a toll on customer service agents. “If I could, I would NEVER work in customer service again,” an anonymous person commented. “They treat customer service people like crap, then expect those same workers to bend over backward for them,” they continued.  

8. Slaughterhouse Worker

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“Slaughterhouse worker. Ugly job somebody has got to do, but there's just no way I could,” someone remarked. Many workers in this field report experiencing symptoms of PTSD and other mental health issues due to the nature of the work.

9. Pediatric Oncologist

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“Pediatric Oncology. Just could not emotionally handle it. For those that do it, you are angels. I could not handle it,” an anonymous person commented. Many people feel they can't handle the emotional toll of working with sick children and their families daily.

10. Truck Driver

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Truck drivers face long hours on the road, often with limited opportunities for rest or social interaction. According to one individual, “Truck driving, I get bored really easily, and I know for sure I'm going to get uncomfortable sitting in a seat all day.”

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